Who Is Master P’s Daughter Inty Miller?

inty miller

Intylyana Miller better known as Inty Miller aka Princess Inty is the daughter of a famous American rapper and entrepreneur Master p. Inty has been influenced by her father a lot as she is following his steps and started rapping. Although she is yet to make it big in the industry she has released a few mixtapes on Soundcloud.

Other than rap, she has also tried acting in some television series. However, it has been 3 years since she last released her songs so what is she up to these days? does she have a boyfriend? let’s find out a few unknown facts about Inty Miller.

Miller is a graduate of Calabasas High School

Born on June 25,  1993, Inty Miller’s zodiac sign is Cancer. She was born to her mother Sonya C and her father Master P in New Orleans, Louisiana. We know what her father does but what about her mother? what does she do? well, it turns out that her mother Sonya is a singer, producer, and director.

She went to Calabasas High School, from where she completed her secondary education. However, it’s not clear where she went for higher studies.

She is also a sister to popular rappers Romeo Miller and Cymphonique Miller. Furthermore, she has six more siblings besides Romeo and Cymphonique and they are (brothers) Vercy, Veno, Young V, and Hercy Miller, (sisters) Itali, and Tytyana Miller.

Itny Miller career

As mentioned earlier, Itny is a rapper as well as an actress. Five years ago, in 2017 she released her first mixtape called ‘That Real Love’, and later she also published ‘You Know I See You’ and ‘For Better Or Worse.’ After that in 2020, she released ‘Whatever It Takes’ but not a single song of hers has been hit. In fact, she still remains played down.

Way before she released her songs, in 2010, she made her acting debut in a short movie called ‘A Mother’s Choice’ where she appeared as Princess Inty. This movie is rated 7.3 by IMDB. She has also been featured in a documentary television series ‘Future Escape with James Woods.’ Lastly, she worked in the 2019 movie ‘I Got the Hook Up 2’ as Makala. The movie also features her family members like her sister Cymphonique, brother Romeo, father Master P.

Itny Miller Social Media

Itny Miller is pretty active on Instagram where she often posts pictures of herself, her family, and her friends. She goes by the username ‘theonlyprincessinty’ and she also often posts stories. Furthermore, she also used to be active on Facebook and she also has a Twitter account.

Currently, she is being followed by 6,914 people on her Instagram account.

Does Itny Miller have a boyfriend?

Miller’s love life remains a mystery as she has not opened up about her relationship status. Since she has also not been seen together with any man its hard to say if she has a boyfriend or not. However, as per her Facebook relationship status, she is ‘single’.

But the problem is that her single status if from 2015 and she is no longer active on Facebook, and she has not posted any pictures on her Instagram that hint at her love life, so it’s not clear if she has a boyfriend or not.

While we don’t know about her love life, we do know that she is a dog lover. She has a pet dog named Burberry and she often posts pictures of him on her Instagram. Guess what? In 2020 she even celebrated her valentines day with her pet.

How much does she earn? (net worth)

While we know that she has tried acting as well as rapping but we still don’t know what her main source of income is so it’s still pretty unclear as to how much she earns, however, several sources have reported that Inty has an estimated net worth of at least $500,000.

Inty’s parents are divorced

Her parents Master P and Sony were married in 1989 and since their marriage, they were one of the celebrity couples people mostly talked about. As per the reports, even though the couple has separated they are still legally married meaning they haven’t finalized their divorce.

Sonya filed for divorce in 2013 and they came to an agreement in 2016 but Master P claims that “paperwork was never submitted to the court.” Furthermore, the famous rapper spoke publically about their separation,

“I take great care of all of my kids, all of their needs are being met in an abundance. I come from the ghetto, I changed my life but she didn’t want to grow with me so we’re not together.”

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