Who is Mary Anne Marsh? (Net Worth, Bio, Partner)

Mary Anne Marsh
Date of Birth 1963
Profession Political Analyst
Height 5.2 Inches
Weight 62 Kgs
Marital Status Single


Mary Anne Marsh is a principal at the Dewey Square Group in Boston, USA. She is a respected political analyst in the USA. .


Mary was born in the year 1963. She is currently 55 years of age. Exact details about her early childhood and place of birth is not known yet. In addition, we also don’t have much information about her parents, siblings and background.

Moving on to her education, Mary was tutored by professors Jay Goodman and Darlene. In her college life, she served as a president of the student body. Mary Earned her master’s degree from the Kennedy School of Government. Her major was Public Administration.

If we have to talk about her personal life though, we do not have much information there. We don’t know whether she is married or dating.

There was a time when people thought she was gay because of her opinion on gay marriage but the rumors turned out to be false. She isn’t a gay person.

And since her personal life is pretty private, we cant be sure about this. She hasn’t been seen with a women so, we think she is not really gay.

There was an incident in 2016 though, when Mary Addressed David Avella as her partner but aside this, she hasn’t talked much about her marriage. She also hasn’t shared any personal stuff on her twitter feed.

Moving on to her body stats, we have no information. Her bra size, shoe size, dress size and other measurements like height and weight are not known. Her hair is short and she has blond hair. Similarly, she has a blue colored eye.

What is Mary Anne Marsh’s career?

Mary has a really impressive career as a political analyst and consultant. She provides counselling to many big companies, non profit organization and political campaigns.

Her plan is to execute public relation and communicate crisis strategy for all her clients. Mary also has a deep knowledge and ideas for her clients.

Before her work as a principal, she was also a senior vice-president of integrated services for FH/GCP. This is a Boston based company.

Throughout her career Mary has advised national grassroots organizations as well. She advices these organizations for their public policy campaigns.

Her hand is also there in the campaign strategies of several senior politicians such as Senator John Kerry, late Senator Edward M. Kennedy. Her list of clients also include Massachusetts State Treasurer Shannon O’ Brien.

Other than providing consultancy, Mary is also involved in political analysis. She is a very respected analyst who works for Fox, Channel 5 and even BBC.

Mary is also an equally powerful rebel who voices her opinions on the matter of gay marriage. Her TV appearances and coverages have been so liked by people that she also received two Emmy Awards for it.

Her coverage of Edward M. Kennedy’s funeral in 2009 is considered a really good one.

Mary Anne Marsh Net Worth

Mary is an American Political Analyst and she is also a client at Dewey Square Group in Boston. She has a net worth of somewhere around in the range of $500,000 to $1 million.

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