What does Daniel John Gregory do? About Martha MacCallum’s Husband

Daniel John Gregory with his wife

Daniel John Gregory is an American businessman who is the vice president of Gregory Packing Incorporation. Although he is a successful businessman he was not famous until he married Martha MacCallum, an American broadcaster, popularly known for being the host of Fox News.

The couple has been married for years now and their relationship is going pretty strong. They also have children and both John and his wife Martha are pretty responsible and caring husband, wife, as well as father and mother. Lets dig up into John’s life before he married Martha and we will also look into his life after they got married.

As said, Martha is married to a businessman Daniel John Gregory. Although we don’t have the exact birth date of her husband, it is believed that John was born in 1963, in Upper Montclair, New Jersey, United States. Judging by the year he was born we can say that John is currently around 59 years old.

He is caucasian and holds an American nationality as he was born in the USA. Talking about his family, John’s father Edward R. Gregory was the founder of Gregory Packaging Incorporation and was the president of the incorporation since its start back in the 60s. Likewise, his mother Cecelia Dohen Gregory was a talented painter and musical theater lover.

John’s mother was a graduate of Kean College and she held a bachelor’s degree in English. Moreover, she was also a pretty charitable person and she volunteered in many fields, and she used to teach English literacy to those who wanted to learn. Cecelia died in 2013 at the age of 84, while John’s father Edward died in 1999.

John went to Villanova University and graduated with a business degree after he graduated from Father Judge High School, located in Pennsylvania. As per the reports, he was into sports and he played soccer, hockey, and track & field during his time in high school.

What does Daniel John Gregory do for a living?

Daniel John Gregory

As mentioned John’s father Edward started his business and having an interest in business John graduated with a business degree. After he completed his study he started giving hands to his father to run their incorporation successfully.

Their company is a large supplier of Suncup Juice which they produce themselves and deliver to prisons, schools, daycare centers, elderly feeding programs, and health care companies. They have several outlets around the country like in Newnan, Georgia, and Phoenix, Arizona. However, their headquarter or head office is located in Newark, New Jersey.

They have various sizes of Suncup Juice and apart from the juice they also have cups, cartons, and refrigerated products. And as mentioned earlier, John currently serves as the vice president of his father’s established company Gregory Packing Incorporation.

John and Martha have been married for over two decades

The couple first met back in the late 80s according to the sources and they started dating soon after their meeting. They were in a relationship for a few years before they got married on August 22, 1992. Their wedding ceremony took place in St. Elizabeth’s Church in New Jersey.

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It has nearly been thirty years since they got married. To be exact they have been married for 29 years now and this year they will be celebrating their 30th marriage anniversary. Furthermore, sources claim that at the time of their marriage, Martha was working at Dow Jones & Company.

They have three children

The couple share three children, around two years after their marriage Martha gave birth to their first child, a daughter Elizabeth Bowes Gregory born on December 14, 1996. Two years after Elizabeth was born the couple welcomed their second child, a son Harry MacCallum Gregory in 1998. Likewise, a year after Edward’s birth they were again blessed with a son Edward Reed Gregory in 1999.

As per the reports, Elizbeth went to the same university her father attended, Villanova University, and she graduated from the university with a major in political science in 2018. Harry is currently studying at Saint Louis University and Edward is at Notre Dame University, and as per the reports, he is into sports.

Martha said that she “like being in their (her kids) face every night at dinner and bugging them about their homework and college application”

They live in New Jersey

John and his family currently reside in New Jersey however, they also own a house in  Chatham, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. Back in 2014, Martha gave Country Living a tour of their home which has “five bathrooms.”

Their Massachusetts house was built back in 1960 and it has been modified numerous times. Apparently, their current look was designed by Martha’s friend Michael Maher.

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