Who is Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s wife, Catriona McGinn?

catriona McGinn

Catriona McGinn is a famous Interior designer. She came into the limelight for being married to the famous actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Mark, if you remember, became famous when his role as a child actor in Saved by the Bell got him universal recognition. It was so widely received that for his role, Paul even won the Young Artist Award.

Catriona married a big Hollywood Star so, her life changed drastically. People want to find more about her life now. And this is actually a good thing. So, what is her life like? What does she do for a living? Let us find more about Catriona McGinn Gosselaar today!

Catriona McGinn Gosselaar’s Early Life and Education

Catriona Hope McGinn was born in the year 1978 on the 22nd of June. She was born in Canada. Initially, she held Canadian citizenship but after marrying Mark, Catriona became a dual citizen. She is both a Canadian and an American now. Catriona is of Caucasian Ethnicity and she also has Irish Ancestry.

She was raised in Canada by her parents obviously. As Catriona is quite a private person. we don’t know much about her parents and siblings.

Moving on to her education, after completing high school Catriona joined the university named McGill University. She joined in 1998 and then finished her Bachelor’s degree in the field of Communication and Psychology in the year 2002. After that, she majored in Media Studies, Cognitive studies, and Child Psychology.

After that, she moved to the University of British Columbia for studying Public Relations. She is quite an intelligent person as her education is top level.

What is Catriona McGinn’s Career?

You would assume that the wife of a famous Actor would also be an actress or a model but that is not the case when it comes to Catriona. She is actually in Business. Catriona works as an advertising executive. This position makes her responsible for ad campaigns for her clients. She has to come up with an effective advertising strategy.

Before she was an Advertising Executive, Catriona used to be a professional editor in the New Canadian Magazine. For three years, she worked as an Operational Manager at SparkNet communications as well. After that, she was the GM at The Nielson Company.

She then did some low-paying jobs till she found a job at Paskal Lamour, which was in the year 2010. And since then she has been working there as Director of Sales and Marketing. Aside from this, she also has a side hustle as the Interior Design Associate at a company called Jeff Lewis Design.

So, yeah Catriona has had an impressive career in the business sector. She is quite an ambitious person.

Catriona McGinn’s marriage to the famous Mark-Paul Gosselaar

catriona McGinn with Mark Paul

Catriona and Gosselaar exchanged their wedding vows on the 28th of July all the way back in 2012. The location they chose for the wedding was at the Sunstone winery in Santa Ynez, California. This information was disclosed by a source to a famous magazine.

In an interview, Mark said that he was involved in planning the wedding and he wanted to make it as traditional as possible but his goal was for the wedding to be fun.

He also said that he wanted the food at the wedding to be top quality and that’s what he did. He made sure everyone was fed and taken care of.

The pair had an engagement just a year before their marriage. Mark proposed a diamond ring that was custom-made by his own friend named Neil Lane. He wanted to propose much sooner but he had to wait because of some scheduling conflicts.

Catriona is a mother of two children

Right now, Catriona has two children with mark. After marrying in 2012, they tried to have children and they finally had one. Their son named Dekker Edward was born in the year 2013. The couple was very happy with this new addition to their family. Mark said that they were in love with their son.

But after around a year, they had another child. She is a daughter and they named her Lachlyn, who was born in the year 2015. Her birthdate is Feb 17th.

This is Mark’s fourth child actually. He already has two more children from his previous marriages. Upon the birth of his 4th child, Mark posted a tweet where said that he has two boys and two girls and that is just perfect!

How much is Catriona McGinn’s net worth?

Catriona’s worth as of 2021 is around $3 million dollars. She has been working for a long time now and has been involved in many big businesses. She has handled accounts of impressive clients and this has made her a ton of money. Her husband is quite rich as well. Mark has a total fortune that exceeds $8 million dollars. The two currently live with their children at their house in Santa Clarita Valley with all the luxury in the world.

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