Who is Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s son Dekker Edward? Know All About Him

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar is a popular American actor who has worked in numerous movies and television shows like Saved by the Bell, Saved by the Bell: The New Class, mark-paul Gosselaar saved by the bell: wedding in las vegas, Saved by the Bell: The New Class, Franklin, and Bash, and many others.

Dekker Edward Gosselaar is the son of Mark and his wife Catriona McGinn and ever since the couple welcomed their son, fans are eager to know more about him so in this piece of article we will be talking about Dekker’s personal life and few things about his parents.

Short Biography of Dekker Edward Gosselaar

dekker edward glosselaar

Dekker was born on September 30, 2013, in California and he is currently eight years old. Although he belongs to the white race, he has a mixed ancestry of Indonesia, German, and Dutch Jewish. Dekker’s father actor Mark can speak multi-languages like Tagalog, Dutch, and English but it seems that Dekker can only speak English as of now.

As he also belongs to the Dutch Jewish, his name Dekker is strongly related to Hebrew, and the reports tell that the meaning of his name is piercing. Dekker has one sibling named Lachlyn Hope Gosselaar and two half-siblings from Mark’s ex-wife Lisa Ann Russell named Michael Charles and Ava Lorenn Gosselaar.

His sister Lachlyn is around two years younger and was born on February 17, 2015, and according to the report, the couple always stays with their child, as a matter of fact, Mark always brings his kids to any event he attends to. Talking about Dekker’s half-siblings, his half-brother Michael was born on January 31, 2004, and his half-sister was born in 2006.

There is not much information on how Dekker’s relationship is with his half-siblings as his father Mark is not much active on any social media but we guess that they get along well and meet with each other on few occasions.

His Great-Grandparents Were Murdered

We all know that during World War II Adolf Hitler murdered many Jewish people and Dekker’s great grandparents were also among those Jewish who got murdered. According to the report, Hartog and Hester Gosselaar were murdered or killed at the Sobibor extermination camp during Hitler’s government.

Monster Truck Craze

As per the reports, Dekker is crazy about monster trucks, and he absolutely loves Gravedigger which is a team of monster truck racers. Mark revealed in an interview, how much his youngest son loves monster trucks and there was this time when he was watching a live football game but later he got out of there and the reason was to take Dekker in a monster truck event.

Dekker’s Father Doesn’t Want His Kids to Start Acting at Young Age

If you have watched “Saved by the Bell” then you might know Mark was only 15 when he appeared in the show and as he started his career at such a young age many of us might think that he would cheer his children if they want to start their career but that’s not the case here.

Although Mark started his acting career at a very young age he does not want his kids to follow the same path as he did, talking about his kids, his son Michael is passionate about being an actor but Mark does not want him to follow his steps.

Why does not he want his kids to follow his steps? well talking about the reason Mark said, “When you are a kid and you go through rejection, I believe would be pretty blunt at that age. Like, the reasons why you are not selected for the role. They say your look is not what we were looking and you are like oh okay I will go and think about that.”

That is one reason why he doesn’t want his kids to follow his steps and if you look or think at it the rejection is pretty hard to deal with especially if you’re a kid or a teen.

Yes, he doesn’t want his kids to follow his steps but that does not mean he doesn’t want his kids to be an actor, he just does not want them to be an actor at a young age, once they are 18 and big enough to make a decision for themselves he will fully support their decision.

“I am sure I will be more supportive when he turns 18. It is not something I would want him to face as a child, but once he becomes 18 he can do whatever he likes.” He commented about his son Michael’s passion for being an actor.

Mark’s Kids Loves Reading

In an interview with People in 2015 Mark revealed that his kids share the same passion for reading books as he does. “The Wild Things Are is my son’s favorite book. I think he’s similar to Max, in the book, because that’s his favorite book right now.”

And as he is passionate about motocross and his son loves monster trucks we can see that they kind of have a similar passion here as well and Mark also reminded us how important it is to wear a helmet while driving a bike is. “Helmets are a great deal for me. I used to race bicycles and motocross and so on, so to me helmet is really, really important.”

Short Biography of Dekker’s Mother Catriona McGinn

Catriona is the wife of an American actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar and she was born on June 22, 1978, in Canada. Born and raised in Canada, she went to John Abbott College, and after she graduated she went to join Simon Fraser University and reports suggest that she also went to McGill University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication & Psychology in 2002.

Before marriage, she used to work as an advertising or marketing executive and has worked with many brands for advertisement campaigns. She also worked in NewCanadian Magazine as an editor and after that, she served at SparkNet Communications as operating manager.

After meeting and dating Mark for some time they finally married on July 28, 2012. According to the reports, their marriage took place at Sunstone winery in Santa Ynez, California.

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