Who is Mariah Linney Girlfriend?

Mariah Linney

Outer Banks season 2 was recently released on 15th April 2021 on Netflix and the series was hit. Many of you might have wondered is that there must be something in the water over at Outer Banks. The teen action drama series was a huge success and was able to gain a lot of viewers from its unique approach to treasure hunting adventures and use of social divides in the plot and also the in-series couple became real-life lovers as well.

You already know who the couple might be if you are a die-hard fan. It’s non-other than Madelyn Cline and Chase Strokes who portrayed the character of Sarah Cameron and John B Routledge respectively. They were confirmed dating in real life. But there’s another star who has opened up about their love life.

Bailey came out as pansexual one her TikTok in late May 2020. She wrote, “Nobody knows what pansexual means. Girls, boys, trans boys, trans girls, nonbinary babies. It’s what’s on the inside, boo.” In the year 2019 also she had said that she was easily distracted by all genders on Instagram. And finally, she posted a video that featured Mariah in it in June 2020. The couple finally went official via Instagram by sharing a photo of them.

Mariah Linney also posted a video showing pictures of Madison while Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings were played in the background. The lyrics in the video focused on “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.” Madison appeared at the end of the video so let’s get to know more about the couple.

Who is Mariah Linney?

Mariah Linney was born on 26th February 1999 in Goose Creek, South Carolina to OJ Liney and Amanda Short. During her high school years, she was a remarkable athlete. She was named High School Sports Reports’ Miss BAsketball for South Carolina in 2017. In the same year, she was also named the South Carolina Basketball Coaches Association 5A Star Player of the Year 2017. As a senior, she was named USA Today High School Sports State Player of the Year. In the 2017 Carolinas All-Star Classic, she was selected for the state squad.

She is quite popular on Instagram with over 373 k followers. She is well educated as she has completed a major in Sociology. Talking about her career she has a very great career with an average of 10.8 points, 4.7 assists, and 4.1 steals as a freshman. She recorded an average of 13.3 points, 4.8 assists, and 4.9 steals in her junior and as a sophomore she recorded an average of 11.2 points, 3.2 points, and 4.2 assists.

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Linney’s current relationship status

Mariah Linney is currently in a relationship with her girlfriend Madison Bailey. Both of them have one thing in common and that is they are both active on the video-sharing platform called TikTok. Even though they are from different fields of work they are together and meet each other via Instagram and TikTok.

Mariah posted a video back in May 2020 and captioned the post, “Just me staring at Madison Bailey.” However, Madison found the video and even dueted it. Later in June 2020, Madison came out as pansexual and her fans were very eager to know her current relationships with this announcement.

Finally, she posts a video on TikTok where she keeps on repeating, “I’m not falling” a few times. But at the end of the video she brings Mariah into the frame and says, “Okay, I’m falling” in June 2020. On 15th June 2020, they took to Instagram to announce their relationship.

Their relationship is still going strong even though they have been together for only a year. They celebrated their one-year anniversary in July this year and they are very much in love as Mariah has even called Bailey her soulmate and more in some posts as well. They are very much in serious relationships and they are proud to be in a relationship as well.

Many fans have supported the couple and some even commented that they are a very cute couple. Some of the comments that you can find under the latest post on Mariah’s Instagram account are listed below.

“you and gaten are the duo we never knew we needed”

“Your happiness is my joy”

“get married and adopt me please”

“I love you guys omggg”


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