Who Are Mariah Carey’s Parents?

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is one of the most successful singers in history. But who is Mariah Carey Parents? Let’s find out.

She has sold more than 200 million records worldwide, making her one of the best-selling music artists in the world. Her vocal range and power are greater than most other female vocalists.

She’s won five Grammy Awards, 19 World Music Awards, and 47 American Music Awards throughout her career. Mariah Carey was born on March 27th, 1970 to Trisha and Alfred Roy; both from New York City. In this article, we are taking a look at her parents and how they raised her.

A short introduction to Mariah Carey’s Parents


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Mariah Carey’s parents are both from New York City but were raised in different neighborhoods with very different backgrounds. Trisha is from Queens, New York, and Alfred Roy is from Harlem.

Alfred Roy was a drug dealer before becoming the director of security for Columbia Records in 1986. Trisha was his childhood sweetheart and they married when Alfred Roy got out of prison after serving five years on an attempted robbery charge.

Trisha worked as a bank teller while raising Mariah Carey’s three older sisters, Alison (born 1963), Tiffany (born 1968), and Morgan (born 1971). It has been reported that she often took care of them by herself.

The family lived in a six-floor walkup apartment building at 169th Street and Amsterdam Avenue in Harlem, New York City. The Carey family’s neighbors were mostly poor families living on welfare with children of similar ages to Mariah Carey and her sisters; there was no significant crime or violence from the time she spent growing up on that block where they had previously encountered trouble before moving into their new home. Their father died when she was nine years old, leaving Trisha as caretaker for five young girls while also working full-time.

Mariah had a sad childhood

Trisha didn’t have enough money to feed all of them so each day after school she would scramble together whatever food stamps could afford and boil water for noodles (she often supplemented these meals with bread and butter).

Alfred Roy, Trisha’s boyfriend since before Mariah Carey was born, would often help to support the family.

Trisha is said to have been a “tough mother” who instilled in her children values of hard work and discipline; she also encouraged them not to complain about their hardships or what they didn’t have. The strict way that Mariah Carey grew up has been considered by some people close to her as one of the contributing factors for many years later developing bipolar disorder.

Mariah Carey attended PS 41 from kindergarten until eighth grade when she left public education just shy of completing an elementary school education because there were no music programs available at any schools due to budget cuts during New York City’s financial crisis in the 1970s.

She attended Manhattan Country School, a private school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side for her ninth-grade year and then transferred to The Cathedral School of Saint John the Divine as one of its first students at age 13 where she was doing well academically but had not made friends because she still clings to people from back in her old neighborhood.

Start of the Singing Career


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Carey said that after seventh grade, it became clear that no matter how hard PS 41 tried or wanted to help her succeed with music education they just couldn’t do enough and there were limited courses available for someone who has been accepted into an arts conservatory like Juilliard so Carey began taking vocal lessons by herself outside of public schools.

Carey’s parents had a difficult upbringing and wanted better for their daughter than what they themselves experienced as kids, so her mom would often take Mariah to the library where she’d spend hours singing along with albums by various artists such as Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder or Elton John.

Her father was supportive from day one of his daughter’s talents in addition to teaching at PS 41 he also drove her across Manhattan on weekends to Juilliard lessons which were included in the PS 91 tuition program.

Mariah’s Family

Mariah Carey’s achievements are well-known, but her parents are not as familiar to people. Trisha and Alfred Roy were an average couple from New Jersey who had three children: Alison, Patricia, and Mariah.

The family lived a comfortable life on the upper-middle-class side of town, where they enjoyed living near friends and relatives. When she was only four years old, it became clear that little “Mimi” was musically gifted–she learned how to play piano by ear with no formal training whatsoever before turning five years old. The young girl started writing songs when she was six or seven too!

Alfred Roy would give his daughter $20 bills for Christmas each year if he saw that she had spent the money on a new piece of music.

In 1979, when Carey was in high school and attending Red Bank Catholic High School for Girls, her father passed away from pancreatic cancer at 36 years old. She attended his funeral without telling anyone about it because she didn’t want to “cause any embarrassment”.

That day proved to be an emotional turning point in her life; as said by Mariah’s sister Alison: “After he died, I don’t remember seeing my mother smile again.” The singer would later state that her parents’ divorce caused many issues within their family and especially between herself and Trisha: “I wouldn’t say we were estranged but before he died I just needed to getaway. I needed to find myself.”

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