Who is the main villain in Dr. Strange 2?

main villain

Many of us Marvel fans saw the teaser trailer of Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness in the second post-credit scene of the Spider-Man: No Way Home and if not then you might have watched its teaser on Youtube or other social media platforms.

If you have watched the “What If” series then you might have already noticed that many similarities in What If and Dr. Strange 2, for example, all the world getting consumed by liquid-like things and we also saw the live version of Evil or Supreme Strange.

Supreme Strange is the Villain?

evil strange

After seeing Supreme Strange in the teaser, many might have thought or guessed that he is the villain of the movie but is he really though? Marvel is pretty good at hiding things from their teasers or trailers so we can expect that Supreme Strange is not the one we should be worrying about in the movie.

So is he the villain or not? He might be a villain but as I mentioned above we should not be worrying about him much in the movie, but if we should not be worried about him then who should we fear or worry about?

Wanda Turns Evil?

There are a crazy amount of theories going on about who is going to be the main villain of Dr. Strange 2 so let’s break down the theories.

In the teaser trailer, we see that Dr. Strange went to Wanda to ask her for help and we also see that Wanda is now practicing dark magic and if you’ve watched the series WandaVision then you might remember what Agatha said to Wanda. “It’s your destiny to destroy the world” so we can expect Wanda to turn evil and she has a pretty good motive for that.

america chavez

We also saw in the teaser that the movie will introduce us to America Chavez who has the power or ability to travel through the multiverse and at the end of WandaVision we saw that Wanda is desperate to find her twins in the multiverse and when she finds out about America Chavez then she might try to get her power.



In the teaser trailer of the movie, we saw that Strange is fighting Shuma Gorath and there is a theory that Shuma is the main villain of this movie. As mentioned the film will be introducing us to America Chavez who has tons of powers and abilities but her main ability is to travel or open portals to the interdimensional from where she can travel through the multiverse.

So Shuma Gorath will go after her to obtain or harness her power so that he can have complete control of the multiverse. There are also rumors that the movie will introduce us to Mephisto as the movie is the next big Marvel movie so we can expect the unexpected, we might see many characters in the movie so let’s just wait for the movie to drop.

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