All About Steve Buscemi’s Son – Lucian Buscemi (Biography)

Lucian Buscemi
Date of Birth 1990
Profession Band Singer
Father Steve Buscemi

Lucian Buscemi is a producer, actor and a musician. He is famous for being the son of the popular Hollywood actor Steve Buscemi.

Lucian’s career has followed the same path as his father and he looks to make a good living being in the Hollywood.

Lucian has starred and produced in a number of films and he has also been in the music scene.


Lucian Buscemi with Steve Buscemi

Lucian was born in the NYC. His birth year is 1990 and he was born in the month of June. Lucian comes from a family of stars.

His father Steve is a famous American actor, editor and producer who is known for popular films such as Parting Glances, New York Stories and more.

Lucian’s grand parents were Dorothy and John Buscemi. Andres is known for her film/dance/light show at the Performing Garage, La Mama Experimental Theater Club P.S., on the cinematic downtown New York scene in the 1980s. 122, St. Marks Danspace, and the Working Cinema Collective.

As a filmmaker, Andres received awards for the 1996 film Black Kites, which screened on PBS and hosted many film festivals, including Sundance, Berlin, Toronto, London, and the Human Rights Watch Film Festival.

Andres died in 2019, at the age of 64. The cause of her death was a rare intestinal disorder named Peritoneal Sclerosis.


At the age pf 15, Buscemi did a collaboration with two of his friends, Jonathan and Julian Holmes. They formed a band known as Fiasco. The band specializes in many genres that include heavy rock punk, noise rock and even math rock. These genres are a bit obscure though.

The band released their debut album called God Loves Fiasco in 2007. The album had a total of 23 songs. This includes songs like Hot House, Fed Up, Stop That, Sir Gentlemen and more. After this debut, Lucian and his bandmates went on to record their other albums that include Native Canadians, Fabulous Bozo FP, Sinus Rhythm and more.

The band took a brief time off in 2012 and Lucian shifted to Hollywood and starred in movies like Tree Lounges, Sal, The Sopranos and more.

The band also tours a lot. They went on to a national tour first and then to an International tour. They were touring before they took that break in 2012.

In addition to the acting career, Buscemi has also managed to give or contribute soundtracks to many Hollywood films.

While his body of work is pretty large, he hasn’t won any awards till now. He may perhaps win something in the near future.

Lucian Buscemi Net Worth

Lucian is a very talented person. Despite being the son of a famous father, Lucian made his own money. While we cannot point at his exact net worth, it is assumed that the musician/actor has a net worth of $5 million. This figure is the result of all his music sales, tours, film appearances and brand deals.

Moving on to his father, it is believed that Steve is currently worth around $40 million dollars which is a big sum of money. Anyway, the Buscemi family lives a pretty comfortable life and they have zero financial problems.

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