Who is Lori Lightfoot’s Wife Amy Eshleman?

Amy Eshleman

If you are interested in politics then you must surely have heard of the name Lori Lightfoot. She became the only openly lesbian African-American woman to be elected mayor of a major city in the US when she became Chicago’s head.

She has been serving as the 56th mayor of Chicago since 2019. Currently, she is married to Amy Eschelman and has adopted a daughter namely Vivian. They have been together since at least 2001. Very few know about her parter’s life and if you belong to one of the many then you are in the right place as you will find everything you need to know about her in this article.

Furthermore, she has her own story, and let’s read a somewhat prolonged version of her past life, her love life, and more. Let’s get started.

Who is Amy Eshleman?

Amy Eshleman was born on 31st December 1961 in Sterling, Illinois. The details regarding her family background are not known as she hasn’t revealed it yet. She has been living in Chicago since 1991 and now she is the first lady of Chicago City. Her ethnicity is yet to be known but she has revealed that her family hailed from the midwest.

Amy is a former public library assistant commissioner turned educational activist for young children and since then she has been vocal about the growth and development of young people. She follows Christianity as her religion. Currently, she is 60 years old and her zodiac sign is Capricorn.


Amy is well educated as she graduated from Sterling High School in 1980. It is also revealed that she was a sports enthusiast who played tennis and basketball in High school. She was even part of the school’s 1977 girls basketball team (the first girl’s basketball state champion in Illinois).

Furthermore, she also received her bachelor’s degree in history from Miami University in Ohio and has worked on two congressional staffs from 1984 to 88.

Amy helped develop YOUmedia

As mentioned earlier she had worked as the assistant commissioner of the Chicago Public Library, which is the fifth-largest public library in the country by collection size for nearly two decades, 1994 to 2012. She was an employee there for the entirety of former Chicago Public Library (CPL) Commissioner Mary A. Dempsey’s tenure from 1994 to 2012.

Interestingly, her former boss at the CPL, Mary  A. Dempsey gave Lightfoot’s mayoral campaign worth $64,776. Amy also helped develop YOUmedia during her time at the Public Libray. YOUmedia is a digital media center for teens that started in 2009 at the Chicago Public Library’s Harold Washington branch.

The program was a huge success and it managed to grab the attention of many teenagers. After that lots of similar versions opened up across several states. Even the former President Barack Obama admired her initiatives. He even said that the Youmedia digital space for teens is a type of new and innovative learning space that the country needed to replicate throughout its states.

Currently, there are more than 12 CPL locations that have the YOUmedia center. In 2013, an article by the Remake Learning network reports Amy after YOUmedia expand a similar Learning Labs program nationally.

Current relationship status

Talking about her relationship, she is currently in a marriage relationship with her partner Lori Lightfoot. They have known each other for more than 20 years. They got married on the same day same-sex marriages became legal in Illinois on 1st June 2014.

During an interview with Chicago Tribune, Amy expressed her thoughts at that time and said, “You don’t know what your life is going to be like. You want certain things for yourself, and falling in love and having a family and doing all those things felt important to us. To be able to be married on that day felt big.”

Currently, they are living together in Logan Square with their adopted daughter who is 13 years old and her name is Vivian Lightfoot.

Did she get cheated by Lori Lightfoot?

There were speculations on social media claiming that Lori would submit her resignation over an alleged cheating scandal involving another woman during summer last year.

The rumors stated that Chicago mayor Lori was about to tender her resignation after some time yet to be identified sources caught her cheating on her wife Amy Eschelman.  Initially, the rumor originated when a now-deleted tweet was posted by Chicago civil rights advocate Ja’Mal Green.

He had tweeted, “Lori Lightfoot is resigning tomorrow in a stunning end to her mayorship. WOW. ”

But the cheating theory came only after someone made another tweet. The tweet had claimed that Lori was resigning after a source caught her committing infidelity to Amy, with another woman at an Elmhurst hotel which the city of Chicago paid for.

There were also claims that she was having an affair with a boyfriend who was caught by the police for possession of a weapon and she even told Amy to take care of it. However, Lori slammed the unspecified rumors circulating online as trash and she vowed to continue to lead the city.

She had a physical brawl with her partner

But the rumors had affected the couple soo much that Amy reportedly beat the elected mayor after finding out about the cheating thing.

Even the police responded to the domestic dispute at the Lightfoot-Echleman residence and they ran into their daughter who told them “my moms are fighting,” according to the tweet. But the story lost credibility as both of them didn’t make any official statement.

But lots of people on Twitter were outraged and they expressed their anger over the mayor’s decision to resign over a cheating scandal. Some pointed out that instead of resigning over a cheating scandal, she should have resigned for other prior unfortunate events including the misappropriation of COVID relief funds to the Chicago Police Department, covering up a botched raid on Anjanette Young, as well as the fatal shooting of Adam Toledo.

About her present condition

Amy left the CPL in 2012 and since then she works as an educational consultant according to her LinkedIn profile. She is a 6ft (154 cm ) tall woman who became Chicago’s first lady when her partner became the 56th mayor of Chicago in April 2019.

Additionally, she has launched the My Chi. My Future. initiative in March 2020 along with Deputy Mayor for Education and Human Services Sybil Madison. It is also part of Mayor Lori’s youth-focused campaign. The main objective of this campaign is to connect young people with opportunities that focus on their interests and mentorship which in turn will help them on the path to success.

She is currently a full-time parent to Vivian who is only 13 years old. Amy is living quite a happy and peaceful life together with her family in Logan Square.

Her presence on social media

Amy is fairly active on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She has over 6.3k followers on Instagram and over 4.1 k on Twitter. Similarly, she also has a Facebook account where she makes posts quite often and has over 3.6 k followers.

You can click the link down below to go to her respective social media handles.

Instagram: @thechifirstlady

Twitter: @TheChiFirstLady

Facebook: @TheChiFirstLady

Net Worth

The actual net worth of Amy hasn’t been revealed yet but it is estimated that her net with could be around USD 700k to 1 million. She has earned this much amount of money mostly by working as an assistant commissioner at Chicago Public Library.

But her spouse is even wealthier as Lori has been reported to be a millionaire. She earns around USD 400-500 thousand only from her mayoral jobs. Additionally, it is reported that she has earned more than USD 479 thousand from a law firm during her first year in office from her tax return. The report was submitted by the Chicago Tribune on 28th March 2021.

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