Who is Conan O’Brien’s Wife, Liza Powel O’Brien?

Liza Powel O’Brien

Liza Powel O’Brien is famous for being Conan O’Brien’s wife. He is a very popular American television host. comedian, writer, and producer.

Anyway, Liza is also a famous copywriter for an advertising agency in the advertisement industry. Although, she is not worldwide famous due to her work and the only reason for her fame by now is due to her husband.

Liza was born on November 12, 1970, and she was born in Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA. And her mother’s name is Ann. Her father’s name is Jake Powel, who is also one of the famous local guitarists for music bands and his band name is Dixieland Band. And he has been still playing in the restaurant in New Orleans for more than 20 years.

She has earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Vassar College and she is also one of the finest writers, has earned MFA in fiction writing from Columbia University’s School of Arts.

Conan fell for Liza at First Sight

After Liza left her work at an advertising agency, she agreed to work on a skit with Late Night, from where Liza and Conan met each other.

When Liza was working on the show, Conan immediately fell into the beauty of Liza. Taking with the Huffington Post, Conan said that “It was love at first sight”.

At first, Conan and Liza communicated with each other through phone after their first met. Since on those days the internet was not so much popular making them unable to chat via social media so, the phone was one of the best means of communication for them.

Taking with Piers Morgan, Conan said that Liza was a very intelligent girl with high common sense, she also a funny and really humble person. After they dated for some years, Conan and Liza got married finally on January 12, 2002.

Their marriage ceremony was held at St. James Cathedral in Washington.

Parents of two children Neve and Beckett

The family life of Conan and Liza has been great. They have two children one son and one daughter.

They welcomed their first child in 2003 and kept her name, Neve. After, the birth of the first child they were also blessed with their second child in 2005 and kept his name, Beckett.

Many news sources have found this family many times enjoying their family life in a great way. Daily Mail also posted news stating that they are very close to each other, and they were also spotted on a beach enjoying their cool vacation with family members in France.

Conan once talked with People saying that,

“Being a dad is one of the greatest gifts and big opportunities, except for assembling stuff. I remember my father who was trying to tighten a bolt and ended hurting his fingers. This is what I am doing now, except I break the toy before my daughter even gets to play it.”

Married for More Than 18 Years

Liza and Conan tied their knot on January 12, 2002. Their first love story was started with “love at first sight”. And took wedding in Seattle, Washington. The marriage took place at Liz’s childhood place where she grew up and the wedding also happened at a local church.

Before getting married this couple dated for almost 18 months.

Quit job from an advertising agency to become a screenwriter

Before Liza was a screenwriter, she served as an advertising agency executive for Foote, Cone & Belding. She used to work on this ad agency when she was studying fictional writing.

And finally, after graduating with an MFA in Fictional Writing from Columbia University of School & Arts she became a screenwriter. Her fictional plays have been presented at many theatres in New York as well, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

According to her personal website, it is also included that her writing has been included at The Gate, The Distinguished Gentleman, and Ruthie Goes Shopping.

She has also worked with the Beat the odds program of the Children’s Defense Fund, this organization helps children who are talented but at-risk academically. Liza has also made several appearances on television programs including Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Conan O’Brien can’t stop.

Both programs were used to hosted by her husband.

She supported Conan after he was dropped as Host

In 2009, Inheriting The Tonight Show from jay, Conan was a new host but his happiness was not there for a long time. When the politics of NBC kept on frustrating Conan, which made him give up the show.

As soon as, he left the show as a host, he found himself with no job which made him even more frustrated.

Taking with Rolling Stone, Liza told:

“I hated a lot to see Conan unhappy and depressed, anyway there was a silver lining. This situation made Conan more strong and got a chance to stand on… The real truth is that the show was one of the definition of cultural relevancy for decades. And all of sudden it was gone. This was not Conan’s fault, nor anybody’s fault. It just happened.”

After Conan was dropped from The Tonight Show, Liza Powel was the only one who was supporting Conan and enlightening them on his very dark times. Describing the situation about the time of Conan dropped as a Host from the show she said, “the time was miserable and very depressing”. She made her great support on the husband at this time.

Which helped Conan to make get back on his feet and the great comeback was happened.

Rarely Uses Social Media

Conan O’Brien is really active on social media like many other famous people and television personality. But on the other hand, Liza loves to live very low key life and always wanted to get far from media attention.

So, there is only some social media profiles on her name but there is only post a little about her career life. But her husband has over more than 1.5 Million followers.

Liza Powel O’Brien Net Worth

From being an advertising executive and after becoming a popular screenwriter, she managed to make a lot of fortune. Besides, her hard work her husband is also one of the popular personality and television host.

Combining both of this husband and wife fortune it is estimated to be around $85 Million.

And they also owns a beautiful mega-mansion worth about $19 Million. Their home is built on a piece of land which stretches over more than 11,600 square feet.

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