Star Wars: Live-Action Rebels Characters in the Ahsoka Series Have Been Confirmed


Hey, Star Wars fans we have very good news for you guys. As we know Star Wars Celebration started on Thursday, May 26, and Lucasfilm officially announced that the characters from Star Wars Rebels will get live-action characters featured in the upcoming Disney+ series Ashoka. The attendants also got to see the first look of the series and at the footage, attendants got to witness characters including Ezra, Hera, and Sabine will be featured in Ashoka.

While the characters were confirmed to appear in the series, the actors portraying the characters are yet to be revealed, the only actor confirmed is Natasha Liu Bordizzo who is confirmed to portray the character of Sabine. Furthermore, there was also another surprise and that was actress Rosario Dawson’s arrival on the stage along with Rebels droid Chopper, and yes it means that he’s also going to be featured in the series.

Talking about Sabine’s character Natasha said, “I feel like I’ve just been adopted into a new family, I feel that way about everyone I work with but also the fans. It’s just the most welcoming, creative.. .I have never experienced anything like this. Set is going really well. I can’t say a thing. I know how much Sabine means to a lot of people in this room. In watching Rebels, she’s come to mean a hell of a lot to me and I know how much she means to Dave so I think you guys are gonna be really excited about the journey she’s about to have.”

As mentioned other than Sabine’s character there is still yet to be confirmed who’ll portray the character of Hera and Ezra or how big their role will be but the footage also showed their ship The Ghost. The Mandalorian lays the stage for Ahsoka’s TV show, as she pursues Grand Admiral Thrawn and appears to find information concerning Ezra’s position.

It was revealed that they have completed the production of the third week, Rosario said, “It’s been amazing. I was so excited that Dave actually posted when we started, we started filming on my birthday May 9. Last night was the end of our third week.”

The director Dave Filoni also talked about the series recently and he said, “Ahsoka is a continuous story, It is definitely driving toward a goal, in my mind, as opposed to being little singular adventures. That’s what I want the character to be doing, and I think that’s what fans want now. They have such a relationship with her. I’ve only recently started to understand that all those kids that watched Clone Wars are now a lot older—they’re very excited about all the things they grew up with, as they should be.”

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