Who is Lindsey Boylan Husband, LeRoy Kim?

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Lindsey Boylan is a politician and former government official and she is currently running to become Manhattan Borough President. Lindsey used to work for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Lindsey became headlines of all the media and internet in 2020.

Lindsey worked for Andrew for around three years from 2015 to 2018 but in 2020 she opened up about how she was sexually harassed by Andrew for years while working for him, so we will talk about Lindsey in this article and we will also be talking about her husband LeRoy Kim.

Short Biography of Lindsey Boylan

According to the sources, Lindsey was born on April 5, 1984, in Sante Fe, New Mexico. Her mother’s name is Karen and her stepfather’s name is Kieran and we don’t have any information regarding her biological father.

Lindsey’s mother was just a teenager when she gave birth to her daughter and Lindsey grew up with her parents and her two sisters. Unlike many people, Lindsey’s parents taught their children to not be racist and behave equally to everyone.

According to the reports, she went to Robinson Secondary School from where she got her international baccalaureate diploma and after that, she went to join Wellesley College and she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in political theory. She then joined Colombia University from where she earned her master of business administration degree.

She Claimed Governor Andrew Cuomo Sexually Harassed Her


As mentioned above she claimed that Governer Andrew Cuomo harassed her sexually for years and she even tweeted about it.

She said that he kissed her lips and also added that he has sexually harassed other co-workers as well. It is said that she resigned because of the harassment.

She also said that the Governer suggested playing strip poker when they were returning home from an event held on October 17, in Western New York.

According to The Sun, she resigned after the Governer kissed her on the lips and she was really sick of his behavior and as mentioned she resigned on September 26, 2018.

Who is Lindsey Boylan’s Husband LeRoy Kim?

According to various news, LeRoy is a merchant banker and managing director of Allen & Company, Lindsey and LeRoy shared their vow or got married in October 2012, in Sleepy Hollow Country Club in Scarborough, New York.

Lindsey was 28 years old when she got married and LeRoy was 40 years old. As mentioned he works at Allen & Company but before working there it is said that he used to be an analyst of Lehman Brothers.

As for his educational background, we don’t know which school or college he went to but he is a graduate of Princeton University and holds an economics degree.

Do Lindsey and LeRoy Have Children?


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Yes, Lindsey and LeRoy have a daughter who they named Vivienne and if you want to look at her then you can go to Lindsey’s social media accounts as she regularly posts Vivienne’s photo every now and then.

Judging by the pictures Vivienne seems to be really creative and she also seems to like painting or drawing things, and also, Lindsey revealed that her daughter speaks Chinese.

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