Who is Lil Durk’s son, Angelo Banks?

angelo banks

Angelo Banks is the oldest son of the famous American rapper, Lil Durk. Angelo was born from Durk’s relationship with his girlfriend named Nicole Covone.

Lil Durk is known for being a featured artist for different big artists like Drake and Kanye West. He is also known for his acclaimed albums such as Remember my Name and Lil Durk 2x.

Since Angelo is the son of a big celebrity, people want to know more about his life. There are many fans of Durk that want to know about Angelo so, today we are going to provide you with that information. So, let us get started!

Angelo Banks is Lil Durk’s eldest child

Angelo was born in the year 2011. His birthdate is November 9 and he was born in the United States. This makes him 9 years old as of August of 2021. He is the eldest son of Lil Durk and his mother Nicole Covone.

Angelo is at school currently and he is very good at his studies. He is currently living with his father and visits his mother sometimes too. His whole life is quite luxurious as you would imagine.

Angelo Banks Parents Aren’t together anymore


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Angelo’s parents are not together anymore. If the reports are true, Nicole was the first actual public partner of Lil Durk and the two were together for a long time. But things did not really work out between the two for that long.

The couple had started dating in the year 2008 and they dated for a while before they had Angelo. After 2 years, they had a daughter named Bella Banks in the year 2013. The duo could not continue their relationship though and had to split the same year.

Angelo has five siblings

Angelo has 5 other siblings. His biological sister is Bella. Aside from her, he has four other half-siblings named Willow, Skyler Banks, Zayden, and Du’Mier.

Willow was born in 2017 from Durk’s relation with India Royale, Skyler is rumored to be born from Durk and Tameka. There are no details about the mother of Zayden as well as Du’mier.

All the siblings do play together every once in a while and they share good relations. All the moms related to Durk get together and they are friends with each other.

Lil Durk and his many Relationships

Lil Durk’s real name is Durk Banks. Durk has been known to be in a number of relationships over the year. His first publically known relationship was with Nicole Covone.

The two split quite soon though and after this relationship was over, he started dating Tameka Kute. This relationship did not really last long as well. As of 2021, he is dating his girlfriend named India Royale. The two began dating in 2017 and are still together.

Angelo’s relationship with his dad

Angelo Banks Is very close to his father. Any father-son relation is quite close and Angelo shares the same bond with his father Durk. The two love each other extremely well. The love they have for each other is quite visible on Durk’s Instagram.

Over the years, the Rapper has also posted photos of his son on his Instagram account and these pictures are quite nice. Back in the September of 2019, he also shared a beautiful picture of Angelo with a very heartfelt caption.

Lil Durk’s controversial lifestyle

Lil Durk has been the topic of controversy multiple times now. In the year 2011, he was even arrested for possessing a weapon. He had to serve 3 months for this crime.

In a similar way, he was again held in custody after the Police discovered .40 caliber bullets on his car in 2013. After 6 years in 2018, he was again arrested for attempted robbery. The police said that they shot an Atalanta Drive-In for $30,000. He was later released on bail.

Angelo Bank’s Lifestyle

Well first and foremost, Angelo bank is just 9 years old at the moment so, there is no way that he is in a relationship now. He does not have a girlfriend at the moment. We will cover it if he does get one when he reaches his teenage years!

But despite being 9 years old, Angelo is available on social media. His Instagram account has quite a following actually and for a 9-year-old, 1500 followers on Instagram is not bad at all. Angelo does not have his own money. Neither does he have a job or a career but his dad is very wealthy. As of 2021, Angelo has a net worth of around $3 million dollars.

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