Who is Lil Durk’s Ex-Wife, Nicole Covone?

nicole covone

Nicole Covone is the ex-wife of the famous American Rapper Lil Durk. Durk became famous after being a featured artist on one of Drake’s hit singles titled ‘Laugh Now, Cry Later.’ He also founded the famous Chicago Rap collection named Only The Family. Durk made songs on Social Media and gained popularity with his mixtape named Life Ain’t No Joke.

It has been a while since people started to notice and even take interest in Lil Durk. And a lot of people want to know who he is married to or who he is dating. So, we bring you this article. Today, we are going to explore Nicole Covone’s relationship with Lil Durk. We are going to answer questions like What went wrong with the two and whether they are divorced or not. Let us try to find some answers!

Nicole Covone Relationship With Lil Durk

Nicole is a native of Chicago. She was born in the year 1990. Her birthdate is April 25. Covone and Durk’s relationship started when they were still teenagers. After three years into the relationship, they welcomed their son named Angelo. He was born in 2011. The two married shortly after they had another child whose name is Bella. She was born in 2013.

Things were great for the couple initially. The two had a great run but the relationship got sour when her husband Durk was seen hiding a destructive secret that would eventually bring their relationship to end.

After Nicole gave birth to Bella, Durk’s other child Zayden surfaced. And Nicole was not the mother. Durk was cheating on her and even had a child. The name of the child’s mother was not made public though. Durk did admit to having another son and Nicole couldn’t stay in the relationship.

After the birth of Bella then, the mother had to get a divorce. It was just months after Bella was born.

Durk was in jail when Nicole gave birth

Rappers are crimes are just synonymous. In the June of 2013, Durk got jailed because the authorities found him possessing a loaded .40 caliber firearm. Durk tried to get rid of the gun by throwing it into the car.

At the same time, Nicole was about to give birth to Durk’s child. She was with the family members though so, the process wasn’t really complicated for her. Bella did tell the media the Durk had his own problems going on and also said that he was quite innocent.

Covone’s relationship with Lil Durk

Durk is very close to all his kids. He loves them and wants to take care of them. But his wives don’t really get along with him as he has got two wives and things get complicated in these situations.

In a 2016 Instagram post, Durk said that he wanted to raise his kids himself to have more time with them. But he also admitted that the kids’ moms were perfect for them too.

Covone, in turn, replied to Durk to stay off social media and not post things like this. She said that Durk was a great father to his two kids but he does need to be better and keep at it for being a better dad. Covone also said that Durk wants some attention and he needs to talk to the mothers before posting stuff or even taking the kids! She even went offensive in the reply and suggested that Durk should not be stupid!

Who is Lil Durk Now?

Right now, Lil Durk is in a relationship with India Royale. The pair even has a girl together named Willow. She was born in October of 2018. The two were together since 2017 and they got married in 2018, just one month before Willow was born. In addition to the 4 children Durk already has, he was two more kids who were both born in 2014. In total, Lil Durk has 6 kids! Crazy, isn’t it?

Has Nicole Covone moved on from Lil Durk?

Covone is quite busy these days with being a mom of her two kids. We found that she is single from her Facebook profile so, she might have moved on. Covone is quite over Lil Durk and is currently focused on raising her kids. As a single mom, raising children can be hard so, that’s what Covone is doing at the moment.

She leads a good enough life with her children. Her net worth is quite substantial as she received a hefty settlement. Lil Durk, on the other hand, is quite a successful rapper and is worth more than $3 million dollars.

Who is Lil Durk daughter, Skyler Banks?

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