Who is Lil Durk daughter, Skyler Banks?

Skyler Banks

Since ancient times, people want to know more about famous personalities and their families and today as well people try to know about famous personalities and their families.

In this piece of article, we will be talking about someone who came to the limelight after being close to a famous or popular personality. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about none other than Skyler Banks the daughter of one of the most notorious rappers of America Durk Derrick Banks better and professionally known as Lil Durk.

Lil Durk is the lead member and the founder of the rap collective and record label, Only the Family (OTF). In addition to Back in Blood and Laugh Now Cry Later, which won a Grammy for Best Rap Song, the rapper is known for many other songs.

Who is Skyler Banks?

Skyler Banks was born on August 29, 2014, in the United States of America. She will be seven years old as of this month. Besides this, no other information is available about Lil Durk’s daughter Skyler.

Who is the Mother of Skyler Banks?

Durk became the father of his third child only a few months after separating from his ex-wife Nicole Covone, but the mother of his third child has not been revealed till this time. Again in 2014, he became the father of his fourth child without revealing his mother’s identity, and finally, on August 29, 2014, he became the father of  Skyler Banks, and according to the reports her mother is a woman named Tameka Kute.

Druk then started dating social media personality India Royale in 2017 and proposed to her then the two of them got married. As per the reports, the two had a secret marriage or wedding ceremony.

Skyler’s Brothers & Sisters

Skyler is the fifth child of notorious rapper Lil Durk and she has five half-siblings including her brother Angelo Banks who was the firstborn child of Durk, in 2011, sister Bella Banks who was born in 2013, Zayden Banks her second brother who was also born in 2013, third brother Du’mier Banks and a sister younger than her who was born in November 2018, her name is Willow Banks.

Reports have it that Durk and his wife India Royale are expecting another child.

Skyler Banks father had a tough childhood

Durk Derrick Banks was born on October 19, 1992, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. When he was only seven months old his father was confined so his family was poor and he even says that there were times when he did not have enough food to eat while he was young.

For a young boy like him, it was really hard and had to struggle a lot to survive in the streets of Chicago. Since his father, Dontay Banks has sentenced to life imprisonment he had to take care of his family along with his mother, sisters, and brother. His mother used to work as a nurse and she did her best to feed and clothe them but it was not enough for their family to survive.

Durk started selling mixtapes to support his family and started uploading them on Youtube and Myspace after people started liking his works and had a fanbase and was fascinated by the idea of being a rapper. At the age of 17, he dropped out of school and he also became a father so he took his career as a rapper seriously.

He wanted to join a street gang based in Chicago called Black Disciples so he decided to drop out of his school Paul Robeson High School. After joining the gang he started to have difficulties with the law and was even sent to prison because of gun charges in October 2011. He was said to serve three months in prison but was released on bond but was again sent to prison to serve for 87 days.

Her father is a Rapper

After he became a father he started taking his rapping career seriously and after he released his two singles “Sneak Dissin'” and “I’ma Hitta” which both got a very good response, he decided to make rap his full-time career. A year later on October 19, 2012, he released his third song or mixtape called Life Ain’t No Joke and till 2015 the song has downloaded more than 216,000 times on DatPiff. In December of 2012, he again released his song L’s Anthem and it was remixed featuring French Montana which was a huge success.

After the huge success of L’s Anthem, in 2013 he released a mixtape named Dis Aint’ What U Want, he then signed a joint venture deal with Only the Family and Def Jam Recordings. In 2015 Duke released his album called Remember My Name and 24,000 copies of it’s were sold only in the first week. A year later on July 22, 2016, he released his second album but it did not do good as his previous album remember my name but it was also a success as his album was listed on number twenty-nine on the list of billboard 200.

Skuler parents Marriage

Durk had a girlfriend named Nicole Covone and married her, later they became parents of two children, however after the second child they decided to split up and got separated in 2013. As mentioned before Durk was only 17 years old when his girlfriend Nicole got pregnant with their first child.

Durk & Skyler’s Mother Tameka Kute

As per the reports, Durk and Tameka knew each other for a long time and had been dating which was later confirmed by Dej Loaf in 2015. They have worked together on various videos. It seems that Durk was also in a relationship with Dej Loaf as a woman named Aye Redd stated that Loaf is just pretending to be in love with or faking the relationship with Durk and the woman also claimed that Loaf is lesbian and they are soulmates.

How Much Does Skyler Father’s net worth?

Skyler is just a kid soon turning seven so she does not work and earns money but she is living a luxurious life because of her father’s Durk. Durk struggled his way out since he was a child and has become a successful rapper and it is estimated that his net worth is around $3 million.

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