Who is Natalie Desselle’s Husband, Leonard Reid?

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Natalie Desselle was an actress who is well known for starring in many high profile movies like ‘B*A*P*S’ and ‘Def Jam’s How to Be a Player’ to name a few. She passed away on the 7th of December back in 2020. The cause behind her death was medical illness. Natalie suffered from something called colon cancer and she was 53 when she died.

Natalie was an actor who played the role of Mickey in the 1997 comedy film titled ‘B*A*P*S.’ The movie starred Halle Berry. You might remember Halle for playing the character of Janie Egins in the hit sitcom titled ‘Eve.’ But today, we are not talking about Natalie, we are actually talking about her former husband Leonard Reid so, let us get started.

Who is Leonard Reid?

Leonard Reid is the husband of Natalie Desselle. He was married to Natalie from 2003 to the time of her death. They had three children together named Sereno, Summer, and Sasha. We don’t know much about Leonard as he wasn’t involved in Hollywood. He kind of had a low profile. We didn’t even know anything about Natalie’s cancer diagnosis. The family kept that a secret and after the death of Natalie, Leonard hasn’t really made any statements yet.

In the official statement put forward by the family of Reid, it said that they were announcing the loss of Natalie with an extremely heavy heart. It also mentioned how bright of a person Natalie was along with her kindness as a mother and a wife.


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On her official Instagram, the family posted a long caption mentioning that Natalie died because of colon cancer. The Instagram post also said that she had a really great career ahead and that she will be remembered indefinitely.

How much was Natalie Desselle’s worth at the time of her death?

Natalie had a total wealth of around $500,000 at the time of her death. She made this money from appearing in many films and TV shows. She was in a lot of movies and shows. This made her quite a big deal. While she had saved a lot of money, the family burned through the cash when she got sick.

Many big names in the Entertainment Industry posted their own tweets and messages when Natalie died. Stars like Halle Berry said that she was in total shock and heartbroken. Rapped Bow also tweeted condolences to Natalie’s family. People like Holly Robinson were very shocked because of the news. Hollywood’s tribute was very nice to see at the time of her death.

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