Who Is LeBron James’ Wife, Savannah Brinson?

Savannah Brinson with LeBron James

Lebron James is a pretty big deal. Whatever he does on or off the court is documented and today, we are exploring one area of his life that he cannot hide. And that is his wife. So, let us see who exactly is the basketball superstar’s significant other?

Lebron’s wife is Savannah Brinson. We all know Lebron is a pro basketball superstar, a three-time NBA champion, and probably the highest-paid athlete in the world right now.

His wife is no slouch either. Savannah is an interior designer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She has launched many businesses. In 2010, she opened ‘Home Court’ which is a furniture line. She did it in collaboration with American Signature.

She helps out her husband too. Currently, Savannah is the VC of the LeBron James Family Foundation. The foundation’s HQ is at Arkron.

Savannah also donates and is in many charities, her first charity project was to sponsor the prom dresses and accessories for 50 underprivileged senior girls in the Miami Area. She did this campaign in 2013.

In 2016, she did a mentoring program targeted at Women. The campaign started in her high school the Akron Buchtel High School. This project aims to provide academic support to students and encourage them to get a college education.

The same year, she also spoke at the annual celebration of the Women’s endowment fund of the Akron Community Foundation.

So, yeah Savannah is a very good woman with incredible kindness. She is a businessperson first but she also does a lot of good work for the community.

Savannah Brinson Early Life

Savannah James was born as Savannah Racheal Brinson on the 27th of August, 1986 in Akron, Ohio. She has four older siblings so, that makes her the youngest child. Her parents are JK Brinson and Jennifer Brinson. As we mentioned earlier, Savannah attended Butchel High School. In school, she was interested in softball and she was also a cheerleader.

Savannah first met LeBron at the age of 16. LeBron spotted her at a football game so, she invited her to one of his basketball matches which savannah accepted. They did not go to the same school though. Savannah was actually one year younger than LeBron too.

Savannah was actually studying at a Rival School while James attended the St. Vincent-St. Mary High School.

The two talked over the phone before going on a dinner date at an Outback Steakhouse. Savannah became pregnant when she was in her senior year at school. She gave birth to their son LeBron James Jr. in 2004.

Later on,  The couple had two more children: younger son Bryce Maximus James was born on June 14, 2007, and their first and only daughter Zhuri Nova James was born on October 22, 2014.

The two dated for nine years before becoming engaged. LeBron proposed to her during a party in 2011 and they got married in 2013. The marriage took place in California and they had 200 guests which included pretty big celebrities such as Beyonce and Jay-Z. They even performed at the wedding.

Savanna’s Rise to Fame

When they first met, Savannah did not have any idea who LeBron was. She said that she knew that the NBA star would be a hometown hero but she did not think that James would be a universal icon.

When LeBron became significantly famous, she got scared as she was pregnant with his baby in her senior year. Rumors of her trapping James spread like wildfire but she did not mind.

Even after all these years, she is not after the fame and the money that comes from being her wife of James. She stays lowkey and supports her husband from the background. She is pretty uncomfortable being in the limelight.

She did not appear in the media for so long. Her first real interview and photoshoot came in mid-2010. She was described as James’ baby mama by many tabloids which he did not like. Savannah thought that the term was pretty derogatory.

Savannah also received negative attention when the Insta Model Heidi Hoback said that LeBron tried to approach her by messaging her on Instagram. But despite all this negativity, the couple has stayed loyal to each other for more than a decade.


Savannah is an interior designer and she always had a passion for furniture placement, design, decoration, and more. This led to her successful career as an interior designer.

Along with her husband, she collaborated with the furniture company American Signature and launched her own line of furniture. She designs the products herself and the company is named Home Court.

It focuses on making good furniture, especially for the kids, and has a really wide product range. The products include beds, dressers, tables, desks and a lot of others.

In addition to this business, she also opened The Juice Spot in 2013 with her trainer to promote health and fitness. The shop became pretty famous initially but later she had to close it because she was not able to manage it from Cleveland.

She is wealthy

Savannah James runs a very promising business and has all these other businesses and investments so, in a financial sense, she really doesn’t even need James to support her. Her financial independence is inspiring and she has a projected fortune of around $24 million.

On the other hand, her husband LeBron has a really massive net worth that exceeds 400 million. LeBron is currently under a contract with the Lakers. The contract reportedly is worth $150 million dollars give or take.

The couple lives a pretty lavish life from the fortunes that they have got. Their house alone is valued at $12 million. And they also own high-end automobiles such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and more. It is rumored that LeBron gifted his wife a Ferrari 458 on her 30th birthday. The car reportedly cost more than $200K.

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