Who is American Sportscaster, Lauren shehadi?

Lauren shehadi

Lauren Shehadi is a sports broadcaster as well as a Journalist. She has worked for major news channels in America and she does the job of covering different types of sports like American Football as well as Baseball. Today, we are gong to take a look at her life.

About Lauren Shehadi’s Early Life

Lauren Shehadi was born in the year 1983. She was born in the state of Virginia. Lauren is of mixed race, she is part Lebanese as well as American. She told his fact on Twitter to her fans. Lauren revealed how her roots were from Lebanon.

Shehadi went to the Langley High School is Virginia. She graduated in the year 2001 and after that she attended the University of florida. In the university, she became the host of an online web show called GatorZone. This was an online sports show that covered all the news of the University’s Football teams named Florida Gators.

After finishing college, she went to be a Sports broadcaster and worked in different TV channels all over the country. But it was not in College where she decided to be in the Sports Industry. Lauren liked sports from an early age and she specially fell in love with Baseball when she was just 12.

Lauren’s Initial Career in Sports

Shehadi began working for CBSSports.com when he was out of college. It was her first sportscaster job and she was the host for many videos on the CBS website. She even hosted a show called SEC Tailgate and the ALT games in the CBS College Sports Network. This was around 2010. In the same year, she was also voted by Playboy magazine as the candidate for the Sexiest SportsCaster.

For the CBS Network, she also played a major role in the 2011 College World Series Home Run Derby. She was a major contributor. But what did she do before joining CBS?

Well, her previous work included a brief stint at SNN-Channel 6 in Florida where was a producer and she was working behind the scenes at Comcast as well.

Lauren’s MLB Coverage

In 2012, she joined the MLB network and the knowledge she gained from University came handy as she became the Sports Anchor in North Dakota.  She did The Rundown show on the MLB network. It was here where she was paired with Matt Yallof. And later, the American Sports Broadcaster Kelly Nash came in her place in 2015 as the host. She was a very great sportscaster for MLB and this stint was incredibly good for her.

What has Lauren been up to recently?

Lauren’s career has been going pretty strong recently. In 2018, she hosted a Podcast called The Podium which was a podcast between the NBC Sports Group and Vox Media. This podcast covered the athletes and events at that year’s Olympic Games. Yes, the podcast was pretty much Olympic focused and she even did some on the field commentary during this event in South Korea. Aside from the Olympics, she also covered the American League Championship series in 2018.

Just a year ago in March of 2020, Shehadi became the sideline reporter for CBS and Turner’s March Madness for the very first time which is a really big deal. She got to work with famous people like Andrew Catalon and formed Villanova coach Steve Lappas. Shehadi replaced Lisa Byington of the Number Six team.

There were many sportscaster like Ros Gold-Onwude who left the Turner Sports for ESPN and this opened the door for young people like Lauren to be at the helm. She also made her NCAA tournament sportscaster debut along with people like Dwayne Wade and Adam Lefkoke this year. It was because the 2020 tournament was cancelled because of the Pandemic.


Lauren is pretty private as a person. She is also the one to interview others so, she herself hasn’t given that many interviews. This is the reason why we don’t really know her relationships. But she might be engaged right now. We know this because in 2018, she posted a picture of her promoting a non profit organization. In the picture, you can see her wearing a ring on her left ring finger. The fans really thought whether she had gotten engaged.

Social Media and Net Worth

Being a sportscaster is quite a big deal in the states. You get a lot of following and the same thing can be said when it comes to Lauren. She has had a significant boost in her Social Media following recently and she uses this following to good advantage as well. Her social media brand deals are one of the ways that she is making money.

In addition, she has good amount of money from all her Sportscaster deals so, she is making a really good amount. While we don’t really have the exact number, if we have to guess, we’d say that her net worth could touch that million dollar figure. But this is just a wild guess!

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