Who is Lance Waldroup and How Did He Die?

Lance Waldroup

Lance Waldroup is a famous American bootlegger who is also famous for his role in the television reality show “Moonshiners”. He passed away at the age of 30.

On the reality television series ‘Moonshiners,’ American star Lance Waldroup has won fame alongside his father Jeff from producing alcohol illegally since 2012.

After being featured in over fifty-five episodes of this critically acclaimed show by now spanning five seasons (2012 – 2019), he is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon; instead, it seems like there’s just been an uptick in demand as new projects come out every year into next decade or two at least!

In a world where experience with the art of alcohol distillation is considered key, Lance had to go through many tribulations before he found his niche.

He regularly sought Jeff’s advice but eventually became one of the best moonshiners on Moonshine by working hard and learning from others in the field.

Lance Waldroup Cause of Death, Heart Attack


His cause of death hasn’t been released to date but reports online indicate that he may have suffered a heart attack and passed away as a result.

The death of Joey Bailey’s brother, Lance Waldroup, came as a surprise to everyone. Following his passing at the young age of 30 on February 25th, 2021, Joe organized an event called “Lance Waldroup Memorial Fund”.

Lance Waldroup, the distiller from Moonshiners who’s been featured in seasons 1-4 of the show and was one of our favorite characters on it passed away. Rest In Peace Lance!

His body was discovered after 4 hours of his death

Discovery channel announced his death via Moonshiners official Twitter account.

On Tweet it was written, “Sadly, we heard about the loss of our own Lance Waldroup. A distiller who was featured alongside his father throughout the early seasons of Moonshiners.”

So how did he die? did he have a heart attack? Well, there are many sites claiming that 30 years old television star had a heart attack but as mentioned above there has not been any official statement about Lance’s cause of death so the reason for his death is still unknown, he was found dead in his bed by his mother and it was really an unexpected event for the family and the fans.

Lance left Moonshiners after working on it for a long time, and the reason was to take care of his mother who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

His whole family was depended on Lance’s income to support family life as well as his mother’s diagnosis because his mother cannot work due to her health.

Coronavirus hit him and his family’s economic condition very hard making them financially weak.

You can check gofundme program which is to support his family financially.

Lance was depressed and addicted to Drugs

Lance was really close with his siblings Lyndsey and Lamar but both of them had cystic fibrosis and at the young age of 11 she died because of her medical condition which left Lance and his brother Lamar shocked and depressed but it did not end there as Lamas also died when he was 20 years old, as per the reports, he lived 11 or 12 years because of a lung transplant.

After his brother died Lance was lonely and suffered from survivor’s guilt extremely so he started doing drugs and he was an addict for quite a few years until he was sent to a rehabilitation center and finally quit doing drugs.

Lance was living with his mother

After Lance returned from the rehabilitation center he started living with his mother as his mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and he wanted to look and take care of her, he quit the show moonshiners because of his mother and he wanted to be there for her not leaving her side.

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