Who is Lamont Marcell Jacobs’ Wife Nicole Daza?

Nicole Daza

Nicole Daza is the wife of the first Italian man to hold the title of the world’s fastest man, Lamont Marcell Jacobs. It is clear that Nicole rose to prominence because of her husband. Other than that, Nicole is an Instagram model and influencer.

She not only is an influencer but she is also a blogger. So how did Lamont and Nicole meet? how old is Nicole? do they have children? how much is Necole’s net worth? all these questions will be answered in this handy article. Moreover, we will also some interesting facts about Lamont’s wife Nicole Daza.

As mentioned, Nicole Daza is the wife of Italian Olympic athlete Lamont Marcell Jacobs. She was born on September 17, 1992, in Manta, Ecuador, South America, and she currently is 29 years old however, this year she will turn 30. Moreover, her zodiac sign is Virgo.

Although Nicole was born in Manta, Ecuador, she grew up in Novi Ligure, Italy. And since she was born in Ecuador, she holds an Ecuadorian nationality but she also holds Italian nationality. She graduated from a local high school in her hometown however, it is not yet revealed which school she went to.

Sadly, Nicole likes to keep her personal life private which is why she has not revealed anything about her school or her family. She, however, occasionally shares pictures of her sister and her father on her social media account. Furthermore, the sources claim that Nicole’s father is a businessman.

Moreover, Nicole has also shared a picture of her sister on Instagram and just like Nicole, her sister also seems to be a fashion enthusiast.

As stated, Nicole is a fashion model and social media influencer. Furthermore, according to her Instagram account, she seems to be associated with ‘Nadia Bravo Management.’ Being a model and influencer, she must get endorsements from various brands.

Moreover, she is also a fashion blogger. And according to various reports, she started blogging after she graduated from high school.

You must have read above that Nicole rose to fame because of her husband however, many are curious to know when the two first met. As per the sources, Nicole and Lamont first met in Milan, Italy a few years ago. They hit it off fast and started dating.

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And although we don’t really know when the two got married, however, since we don’t know that means they had a private wedding ceremony. Nicole then gave birth to their first child, a son, Anthony Jacobs in 2019. Similarly, two years after Anthony was born, the couple again welcomed a new baby, a daughter, Megan Jacobs in 2021. Furthermore, Nicole also is the step-mother of Lamont’s son Jeremy Jacobs, from Lamont’s previous relationship.

Their family currently resides in Rome, Italy, and clearly, both Nicole, as well as Lamont, love spending time with each other and their children.

As mentioned, Nicole is a social media influencer, and being a social media influencer she is pretty active on Instagram. However, we don’t know if she is also active on other social media platforms. It seems that Nicole joined Instagram back in 2015 and now she has gained more than 84k followers.

Furthermore, looking at her old posts she seems to be a dog lover and she not only likes to spend time with her children but she seems to love spending time with her nephew as well. Nicole is also a tattoo lover and she has many tattoos all over her hands and body.

As we mentioned earlier, Nicole is a fashion blogger as well as a model and influencer. She is associated with Nadia Bravo Management. And she has collaborated with various popular singers and models but still, we don’t know what her exact profession is, and it makes it even harder because Nicole is a private person and has not shared much information about her personal life.

However, if we are to estimate her net worth then most probably she must be worth around $1 or $2 million. On the other hand, if we talk about her husband, Lamont is a popular Italian athlete and according to Wikipedia, Lamont is titled the 10th fastest man of all time, tieing with Steve Mullings.

Lamont has nearly a million followers on his Instagram and as per the sources, Lamont has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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