What Is Lamar Jackson 40 Time?

Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson is a college prospect right now. He is one of the hottest college athletes in American Football and he might make actual headlines in the coming years. He is an opportunity hungry player who is looking to seize all the chance he gets.

One way of standing out is to have a really fast 40 yard dash and this is what his ’40 time’ is all about. He can make that dash in just seconds and this speed has grabbed attention of all the big teams, coaches and football analysts. So, let us exactly see what all the hype is about!

Lamar Jackson has made 40-yard dash in just 4.34 seconds and this is one of the fastest record as well. Lamar also stated when he did this he was also amazed because he don’t run this fast always but on this time he did amazing run.

His record was lighting-fast record and this time he did 40-yard in just 4 seconds is very much amazing as well as he may never do this record other time as well.

How long does is take for Lamar Jackson to make a 40 yard dash?

Lamar can make a 40 yard dash ( which means he can run 40 yards) in just 4.3 seconds. Yes, it is that fast. If the conditions are optimal, Lamar can make this time on average. This is a really huge deal.

In American Football, Wide receivers are much faster. They are actually the fastest players on the pitch but 40 yards in 4.3 seconds is too fast even for a wide receiver. The crazy bit? Lamar is not even a wide receiver! He plays the quarterback position. This speed at this position is something unheard of in American football. And this is why he is regarded highly.

Lighting Fast Speed

It could be a bit hard to really understand what his speed means if we don’t establish some context first. The 40 yard dash in football is pretty important and who can run the fastest with a ball at this distance is a real determiner of the game’s winner.

If we take a look at the stats we can see that what the standard time for 40 yard dash is. It is 5 seconds and this average is meant for wide receivers.  This is crazy. So, for a quarterback the average speed is 5 to 7 seconds. Lamar does it in 4 seconds. That is the difference. That one second or two second fast speed can make Lamar’s team the winner in a professional match so, this is why his speed is so important.

Too fast for naked eyes

Top level Quarterbacks can turn 40 yards in 5 seconds. The difference between Lamar and others is around 0.7 seconds which is basically 1 second.

While the speeds might be too fast to even judge by naked eyes, it can be seen in simulations how important that this one trait of Lamar can be. At the professional level, everything is decided by small margins so, being an entire second faster than some other quarterback is a huge deal.

Jackson’s average speed is that of a wide receiver. But he does not play in this position, as we talked about. His speed and his position is something that we really admire him for. The coaches even wanted him to play in the Wide Receiver position but Jackson had the dream of being a quarterback.

So, he developed other skills that he might need to play in the QB position. He already had speed, so he then worked at his passing, throwing, and his build so, he could be a strong as well as a fast quarterback.

He was putting himself through a lot of hardships just to play at his fav position, he could have decided to play Wide Receiver and he would not have to even work hard as he already had the speed to play this role. But Lamar chose different.

And you can’t blame the coaches too. Everyone wanted him to play as a Wide Receiver because of the speed that they saw. The team wanted to take advantage of his speed.

But if you see him playing, he is really great quarterback too. He can create spaces by being fast at his position and he also has a pretty great control and power over the ball.

Why does Lamar want to play as a quarterback?

Ever since a child, it has been is fav position. So, he wants to master the position. He is already there having played most of his life as a QB. During trials and selections, Lamar often used to not participate in events and activities that showed his speed to the scouts and coaches. He rather took part in various QB selection activities as the idea of playing QB was more appealing to him.

He was almost hell bent and stubborn on his decision and this actually worked out in his favor. Lamar turned out to be a pretty good quarterback and even won the Heisman Trophy as a QB. This is impressive for a college athlete.

Since he started playing college football, Lamar has proven his skills and knowledge of the QB position and he really enjoys playing in this position, He is definitely one of the best quarterbacks that has ever played for his college. His speed, vision, passing and overall strength has really made him a Star in the college level. We hope to see more of him in the future and perhaps in the next few years, Lamar will boss the NFL!

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