Who is George Jung’s Daughter, Kristina Sunshine Jung?

Kristina Sunshine Jung
Date of Birth 1978
Profession Actress
Oscar Award Nominated
Father George Jung

Kristina Sunshine Jung is an American entrepreneur and actor. She is famous for being known as the daughter of a very famous drug smuggler George Jung. She became particularly famous after the release of the Oscar nominated film “Blow” which is based on her father’s life.

This film showed the relationship between the father and daughter and how it ended badly. In real life though, Kristina has made peace with her father. The pair are now actually running a business together.

Kristina’s childhood though wasn’t really great and today we will be providing you with her complete story.

Who is Kristina Jung?

Kristina Jung was born in 1978. She was born in August and had a very difficult childhood. Both her parents were criminals.

Her mother’s name was Martha and She was a drug addict. She did not got clean until Kristina was 3. The sad part is Martha consumed drugs even when she was pregnant with Kristina. Martha was jailed for the possession of drugs when Kristina was still a child.

Martha and George split up early and George, Kristina’s father was also imprisoned later for drug smuggling. This situation made Kristina’s life a literal hell.

Since both her parents were not able to raise her, Kristina was raised by her grandparents Frederick and Ermine Jung. The grandparents put effort in raising Kristina and made her a stable home. They looked after Kristina is the right way.

They would send gifts like clothes and toys on holidays, birthdays and other occasions. But after her grandfather passed away, this also stopped.

Kristina went to her aunt Marie’s place and this is where she actually grew up. She stayed with her aunt until she was 18. Kristina says that her grandparents and her aunt are the real reason why she is doing good in life right now.

Martha made several efforts to get rid of drugs while she was in prison. After completing her jail time, she quit drugs. Later, she began living a clean life. Kristina’s father on the other hand, continued with the drugs.


While we don’t know much about Kristina’s career, we do know that the 2001 Oscar nominate film Blow was based on Kristina’s father. The film showed Kristina’s relation with her father. The relationship is shown to be pretty sour which is not really the case.

While initially Kristina never visited her father when he was in jail but it was later reported that the relation changed between them after the movie.

The pair started seeing each other and there were rumors that Kristina met George in 2002. Their bond got better when George was finally released in the year 2014. They are often spotted together these days.

Kristina is married to Romain Karen right now. She also has a daughter named Athena Karen. Aside from this not much is known about her children though. She has also lived in many parts of the US such as San Mateo, Napa, Pittsburgh and more. Kristina has for most of her life though, lived in California.

George Jung Tried to Reconnect With His Daughter

After George released from New Jersey federal prison in June 2014 he was transported to San Francisco and as per TMZ report, the Jung and his daughter speak on the phone for while and Jung also stated that he and his daughter has planned to meet in near future.

In 2016 it was also heard that Kristina father was planning to develop a reality show called Poverty Sucks, and this show will represent the relation between this family and also include the struggle to make money on prison.

Emma Roberts Played Kristina Role in the Movie

There was also a movie called Blow which is based on the life of George Jung and his family, Johnny Depp has played his role and Emma Roberts has played the role of 10 years old Kristina role in the movie.

85 Percent of America’s Cocaine imported by her father

After George started his business on drug world after meeting Colombian drug dealer Carlos Lehder, his business was more boost and at that time he imported 85% of total America cocaine supply making him very very much rich as well.

He also worked with Pablo Escobar and many other drug lords he also bought his private plane just to import drugs to USA.

As per various sources when he was on his career peak he was making more than $15 Million per drug import in USA.

How much is Kristina Jung Net Worth?

Kristina Jung’s actual net worth is not really known currently. She has made a good amount of money from the licensing of the movie “Blow” though. She pulled in 150K from this movie. Aside from this, we don’t know much about her other career and salaries.

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