Who is American actress, Krista Neumann?

Krista Neumann

If you are a fan of the long-running TV series NCIS: New Orleans then you must recognize Scott Bakula. you might also know that he is already married to his co-stars Chelsea Field and living a happy life. But you might be shocked to hear that his marriage with Field is actually his second. He was married to an American lady named Krista Neumann. Although she is not as popular as her ex-husband, she has accomplished a lot and acted in several theatrical shows.

She also helps youngsters who want to go into showbiz through Broadway Bootcamp. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about Krista Neumann.

She is a talented stage actress

She was born on October 10, 1949, in Chicago, USA. Not much information is obtained about her background or childhood. But it is known that she must have completed at least a high school diploma before starting her career. She is a successful and talented stage actress who has worked professionally in various cities like Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. she has been involved in various projects like Canterbury Tales on Broadway, Grace in The National Tour of Annie with Reid Shelton and Jane Connell, Nellie in South Pacific with Giorgio Tozzi and John Raitt, Desiree in A Little Night Music, Linda Loman in Death of a Salesman, Violet in August Osage County, and many more.

She has also worked as a director and has directed troupes such as the ICCT, City Circle, The Old Creamery, Combined Efforts, Dreamwell, and Young Footliters. She has traveled and lived in various parts of the USA. Now, she is living, acting, and directing in Iowa city. She is quite busy as an instructor helping the youngsters in the Corridor Broadway Bootcamp. She started broadway Bootcamp in the honor of her dear friend Marianne Challis. The Corridor Broadway Bootcamp can be described as the biggest achievement of her life as it has made a massive impact on countless lives.

Her love story

Krista Neumann and Scott Bakula were actually very much in love before they got divorced. they first met each other at a music club in New York in the mid-70s. at that time Bakula wasn’t famous as of now and had to struggle a lot. H3e had to content himself with theatrical roles and small roles in the TV shows. Neuman wasn’t much better as well and so they had little possession to their names. They probably began dating in the mid-70s.

They got married in 1981. She was 32 years old whereas her husband was just 27 years old. They held a private wedding ceremony in nature. At that time the couple couldn’t afford any luxury so their marriage wasn’t grand but there was love in the air.

They continued to pursue their respective dreams. Bakula gradually built his reputation on the New York theatre. In 1989, he made a breakthrough after he landed the lead role opposite co-star Dean Stockwell in the sci-fi TV series “Quantum Leap”. In that show, he played the role of Dr.Sam Beckett who time-traveled to correct several mistakes in history. That show was a hit as many people loved the show. His performance in this show earned him many awards like the Golden Glove Award and four Emmy Award nominations for Best Actors, as well as five consecutive Viewers for Quality Television Awards for Best Actor in a Quality Drama Series.

Neumann also benefited from her husband’s success. She got the opportunity to get into the Hollywood industry. Their family benefited a lot as a whole and everything was going well. They were living a wonderful and lavish life.

They had two children

Krista Neumann

They welcomed their first child on November 30, 1983, in Los Angeles, California, United States. It was a baby girl and they named her Chelsy Bakula. She starred as an actress in the American action-adventure drama series Quantum Leap. She portrayed the role of a girl in that show in 1993. She is not active in the active field currently but like her mother she likes to work on plays on Broadway. The last time she appeared was in May 2017 alongside her half-brother Owen in the Mother’s Day edition of Broadway.

The couple adopted a son, named Cody. There is not much information about this young man. But we can speculate that he must be well educated and following his career. As he is born in a rich and wealthy family he must be leaving a good life.

Krista and Scott decided to part ways forever

After earning fame and fortune they had everything they wanted. Except for a healthy family, Bakula was very busy as he had to spend the majority of his time on the set of Quantum Leap and couldn’t give enough time to the family. the situation got worse and worse day by day and finally, they decided to part ways ad their divorce was finalized in 1995. They were married for over 14 years before their divorce was finalized.

Before getting divorced, Bakula was already in a relationship with Chelsea Field. This made a bad impression as many thought he left his wife for another woman. But the truth is that they had already separated before he started dating Chelsea. But, many people didn’t understand or knew the truth so they started hating him. He started getting death threats and hate messages. There was a particular person named Tina Marie Ledbetter who took the hate to the next level and started talking to him and sending hate messages to him. She threatened him to end his relationship with Chelsea and go back to his wife. But, she got sued by the actor and obtained a restraining order against her in 1996.

What happened after their divorce?

It’s always sad to see family breaking apart. As there’s a saying “All’s Well That Ends Well” the couple moved on and are living their own life. As of today, Neumann is still single and no news about her relationship has been confirmed. But, it might be possible that she might have dated someone in the past and kept it secret from the public.

However, Bakula moved on with his love life. He tried to keep it secret but as famous as he was he wasn’t able to hide it and also the person he started dating was a well-known actress. He is currently married to his NCIS co-star Chelsea Field. They probably started dating during his divorce. They lived together for 15 years and decided to get married in 2009. Their relationship is still going strong to this date as he must have learned from his past mistakes.

Some facts about Krista

Her estimated net worth is about $1 million and she has an annual salary of $100, 000. She must have also received some property or money as alimony from Bakula. She also earns a lot of money from her other works like cameo roles and advertisements.

Her height is 5’5″ and she weighs about 58 kgs. she has a pair of hazel eyes and blonde hair. Her favorite film stars are Tom Hanks and Jennifer Lawrence. Her shoe size is 5 (U.K) and her body type is fit. Her hobbies are shopping and traveling. Her dream holiday destination is Paris. She loves continental food and her favorite color is white. She follows Christianity and she is not active on any social media platforms.

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