Who is Kobe Bryant’s Daughter, Bianka Bella Bryant?

Bianka Bella Bryant with her fahter Kobe

All of us who grew up watching basketball know who is Kobe Bryant. Arguably he is the best basketball player of all time and had a fantastic career but unfortunately, sad death.

In this article, we will learn in detail about Kobe’s third daughter Bianka in detail.

She was born in December 2016 as the third daughter of Kobe and Vanessa. Her face looks similar to Kobe and many people call her smile looks like her father’s.

Her father was a basketball legend

kobe family

Kobe Bean Bryant was an American Professional Basketball star in the NBA. His father was Joe Bryant who also used to play basketball before he retired.  His father played in teams like Clippers, Houston Rockets, and 76ers.

Often dubbed as one of the Greatest Players of our time, Kobe helped the LA Lakers win a whopping 5 NBA Championships. Kobe was in the All-Star NBA team 18 times which is incredible.

He is a 12-time member of the All-Defensive team and in 2008, he win the NBA’s prestigious MVP (Most Valuable Player) award. Bryant has also become the top scorer in NBA and he even ranks 4th in NBA’s all-time point scorer. He had an incredible career in basketball.

She has three siblings

Bianka has three sisters, Capri Kobe Bryant is the youngest member of the family and she just turned 2 years by now whereas, her eldest sister’s name is Natalia Diamante Bryant and she was born in 2003, at the moment Natalia is studying at university. Bianka another sister’s name is Natalia Diamante Bryant and she was born in 2006 but sadly, she lost her life with her father Kobe in 2020 in the tragic helicopter accident.

Her Dad and Sister’s tragic accident

The world-famous basketball player Kobe Bryant was one of the 9 people who were killed in a helicopter crash just north of Los Angeles. Kobe was just 41 when he died and sadly, this crash also killed Gianna Bryant, the 13-year-old daughter of Kobe and elder sister of Bianka.

This accident happened when they were traveling to Orange County, California by helicopter.

After his passing, people from all over the world mourned for the late great basketball star. Everyone found the news pretty shocking and a lot of people paid their tribute. The world of basketball as well as the entire world misses the swagger and the talent of the great Kobe Bryant.

When Kobe Bryant and Bianka’s sister Gianna Bryant was traveling to the University of Connecticut for a basketball game the sad incident happened. At that time, Bianka was at home and her elder sister Natalia Bryant was in an ACT prep session while her mother was taking care of her siblings.

Bryant Family Life after Kobe death

Bianka Bella Bryant

In the morning, a family helper of the Bryant family arrive at their home and said to Vanessa there is an emergency. The helper stated to Bianka’s mom that only a few survived the helicopter crash and sadly, it did not include Bianka’s father and sister.

After the death of Kobe, Vanessa became the custodian of her husband and got $600 million of her husband’s fortune. By now, Bianka is studying with her siblings and her mother has started some business but the money is really enough to live a lavish life.

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