Is Kit Frederiksen Married to Perdita Weeks?

Kit Frederiksen

There was a lot of gossips that was based on Perdita Weeks and Kit’s relationship and also about their marriage life.

Perdita Weeks is a pretty famous British Actress with a lot of films under her belt. She debuted in a movie named “Google-eye” in 1993. She is famous for her role in ‘The Tudors” were played by Mary Boleyn.

She has played along with very outstanding actors over the year. She has got a film with Superman himself! We mean Henry Cavill of course. Perdita has also given her contribution to famous British TV series such as Lost in Austen, Sherlock Holmes, Miss Potter, and various others.

Is Kit Frederiksen Married to Perdita Weeks?

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As per the tabloids and fake news, the couple is happily married and living together and it has been around seven years already and the couple is blessed with twin sons and their name is Humphrey Carrington Frederiksen and Rupert Sebastian Frederiksen.

Perdita also tweeted,”When you have to spend your Monday morning reporting the myriad false mentions on the internet of your “husband” and “children”. You’d think I would remember getting married and birthing twin boys… #oldfakenews

Looking over this tweet it is clear that she is never married to Kit Frederiksen but the news is just a rumor and she is still unaware of how the fake news started to circulate about her.

Then who is Kit Frederiksen let’s find out!

Who is Kit Frederiksen?

This is the same question Perdita has been trying to find the answer because she is also unknown about Kit. Also, there is no real information is available on the internet about this guy. We can say that this guy’s information is literally zero on the internet but some fake news site has said that Kit and Perdita are a married couple and they are living happily in some part of the UK with their kids.

Ben Feldfam as her husband tabloids

As further, we did research then we found that once again many news sites started to state Ben Feldfam who is also a co-star at As Above, So Below. But this is also not true because Ben is already married to another woman named Michelle Mulitz for many years.

Anyway Ben and Kit have already played many movies like horror and action. As far as we know Ben and Perdita is still a good friend and they are also very close with each other but as a friend.

Perdita Weeks made her acting debut at age 7

Perdita Weeks and her elder sister Honeysuckle Weeks made their movie career debut at a very early age. Honeysuckle is also famous for her role in the drama Foyle’s War which ran from (2002-2015). Whereas, Perdita made her debut from the TV mini-series Goggle-Eyes when she was just seven years old in 1993.

Later she also made many more appearances in movies and series like The Cold Light of DayRobert Rylands’ Last Journey, and many more. Weeks role at Sherlock Holmes made her career boost and she was demanded actress of UK at the time as well.

Perdita made her major debut role at the movie The Invisible Woman where she played a Maria Ternan in 2014 and in the same year she also made her debut at the movie called As Above, So Below.

Perdita Weeks’ family and Siblings

Perdita was born on December 25, 1985, and her birthplace is in Cardiff and her parent’s name is Susan Weeks and Robin Weeks. Her mother is her role model because she completed her education from prestigious Cheltenham Ladies College and also completed her further education from Universite de Lille and the University of St. Andrews.

Her parents got divorced when she was just 11 years old and her brother’s name is Rollo Weeks who was also an actor where he has already worked at some movies and series.

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