Why Kerrion Franklin accuses his father, Kirk Franklin?

kerrion franklin

Kerrion Franklin is a famous producer, author, and professional cinematographer, He is well known in America for his works in multiple hit TV series such as Mike, Guy Who Takes Everything Too Literally, & Cartwheels and Backflips. Another reason why Kerrion is so famous is that him being the oldest son of gospel singer Kirk Franklin.

In addition to films and TV, Kerrion is also heavily invested in music. We can see him sharing photos from different studios. In this article, we are going to take a look at Kerrion’s life, his relationship with his father, and other information about him. So, let us get started.

Kerrion Franklin Is The Oldest Son of Kirk Franklin

Kerrion Franklin was born in the year 1988. He was born in the United States and his birthday is on the 7th of May. He is the oldest son of the gospel singer Kirk Franklin. Kerrion’s mother’s name is Shawn Ewing.

Kerrion is 33 years old right now. His parents were only a teenager when he was born. Growing up Kerrion had a good relationship with his father as well as her mother. But things got a bit bad after a while. His parents got divorced and the family fell apart. There are also many controversies he has had with his father. This is a topic that we will discuss in detail later on in the article.

Moving on to his education, Kerrion did his schooling at Santa Monica College and then he went to a Christian University where he studied Photography and Art.

After the divorce, his father dated a makeup artist named Tammy Collins. They were in a relationship for a while before marrying in 1996. Kerrion has three step-siblings named: Carrington Franklin, Caziah Franklin, Kennedy Franklin. All of them are born to his father’s relationship with his stepmother Tammy.

Kerrion Franklin’s father’s Controversial Audio Leak

Kerrion’s relationship with Kerrion is quite bad. It is openly bad. The conflicts between the two are public knowledge and this conflict has been there since Kerrion was a teenager.

Kerrion, in fact, stated once that the last time he was actually close to his father was all the way back in the year 2006. This was the time when the family did a cover shoot for a magazine. The conflicts between the two were quite private but then an audio recording leaked where the father-son duo had a profane tussle with words. This recording gained much attention.

Since the media blew it out of proportion, Kirk gave a statement for it and also apologized for his profane language. He even posted a video on Instagram to make amends. He also begged for forgiveness in the video. He said that he felt extremely disappointed with himself for that incident and that he lost his temper.

The incident was so big that Shawn Ewing, the biological mother of Kerrion, who is a very private person, came forward to clarify this matter. In a conversation with Ericka Fusilier English, she explained how things got worse because of miscommunication in her family.

She also said that she and her husband Kirk were the ones to co-parent their children for a long while. She said that she did not abandon her children after the divorce with Kirk. Shawn also stated that her love for her son is immense and Kirk owed him an apology. She was glad to have seen the video of Kirk’s apology.

Kerrion’s Career

Kerrion has been a part of many movies and TV series. As a cinematographer, he started working as a Camera operator as well as an assistant. He did a short film named Words of Advice in the year 2014. This very year, he also started his work on some other projects such as Car Crash, Mike, Comedy Bit: Trash, and many more.

After a year, Kerrion became a part of a short film named Cartwheels and Backflips. He also acted in a film named Coming Out all the way back in 2014.

Kerrion’s Relationships

Kerrion became quite famous after that leaked audio clip. So, before that, we don’t know what he was doing or who he was dating. This part of his life is still a mystery. Kerrion is not married though. There are also no hints of him having a wife on any of his social media or when he does his public appearances. He doesn’t have a girlfriend as well. As of 2021, he is single.

How Much His Net Worth?

Kerrion has been in the film industry for quite a long time so, he is good with money. He has had many opportunities to make a bank and he has done it. Kerrion lives a comfortable life but we don’t really know the exact figure of his net worth. On the other hand, his father is worth around $8.5 million as of the year 2021.

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