Who is Kimberly Anne Scott? Where is Eminem’s Wife Now

Kimberly Anne Scott
Date of Birth 1975
Ex-Husband Eminem
Net Worth $2 Million

Eminem fans will definitely recognize Kim. Kim is Eminem’s ex-wife and fans know her because of the constant references that Eminem makes of her in his lyrics.

The pair divorced many years back though and since then, we haven’t heard much about her. So, what happened to Kim? Read this article to find out more on Kim’s relationship with the hip-hop superstar Eminem.

Relationship with Eminem

Eminem and Scott met in the year 1988. They met at a house party when they were teenagers. The pair first began dating in high school.

In the year 1995, the couple also welcomed their daughter Hailie. Later, they decided to marry after Eminem had a stable career.

The relationship between Eminem and Kim is very shaky. The relationship has always been pretty rocky and Eminem has always referenced it on his songs.

They divorced in 2001.  But they got back together in 2006. The second wedding did not last long though. The couple got divorced a while later again.

Kim received a generous amount in divorce settlement though. She receives more than $50,000 in annual payments. In the year 2000, Eminem also released an explosive song about his wife.

Scott also did an interview about Eminem’s song where he explicitly aired their laundry and spoke about murdering her. The song was very dark.

She even admitted that she abused herself after seeing her husband perform the same song on stage and beat up a doll that was supposed to be her,

She found it very displeasing when the crowd were cheering and laughing at the song. This made her take a drastic step and she attempted a suicide.


Kim Scott was born in 1975. She was born in January in the city of Warren to Kathleen and Casimer Sluck. She also has a twin sister named Dawn Scott.

They grew up in the Michigan area and faced a lot of challenges during their childhood. Dawn passed away from consuming too much substances at the age of 41.

Kim hasn’t stated about her background that much in public. It is well known thought that her mother lived with Kim’s step dad before they fled away after finding out that the step dad was abusive. So, Kim’s past is pretty dark, much like Eminem’s.

What is Scott doing right now?

Kim Scott has had problems with the law. She has had multiple DUIs as well. Over the years, she was also arrested for the possession of illegal substances.

Kim does have her own thing though. She started a radio show and was working there till 2015. In 2015, she attempted another suicide and after that, her whereabouts are not known. We hope that she recovers from her addiction and mental breakdown very soon.

What is Kim Scott Net Worth?

As Kim is the ex wife of a world famous rapper, she has got a really good amount of net worth over all. If we have to cite the recent estimation, we can put her worth at around $2 million dollars.

For divorce settlement, Eminem had to pay around 50 grands per year to Kim. Also, Eminem’s worth is more than enough. Eminem is a platinum selling artist with many charting singles. So, his net worth is around $220 million.

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