Who are Kim Klacik’s parents?

kim klacik

Kim Klacik is an American fashion and television show host. So, Who are Kim Klacik parents? She hosts the Fashion Police TV series, which airs on E! Entertainment Television. She is also a director. Today, we are going to see who her parents are but before that let us take a look at her career and life.

Who are Kim Klacik’s parents?

Klacik was born in Glen Cove, New York to parents Richard A. Kravetz and Barbara Jeanne (née Sperber) Klacik; she has one brother named David Allen Kravetz who is six years her junior. Her family moved from Long Island to Los Angeles when Kim was 13 so that their children could pursue acting careers.

She graduated with a degree in communications from Dartmouth College in 1984 before returning to California for graduate studies at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management where she received her Master’s Degree as well as became certifiedc in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Klacik began working as an executive recruiter on Wall Street after that.

What did Kim Klacik’s parents do for a living?

Kim Klacik’s parents were mildly successful in their careers. Her father was a small time entrepreneur and her mother Janice is a retired school teacher. They had  different career paths but Kim says that she loves them equally because of the way they raised her with love and support. She described them as “huge influences on my life” for teaching her values like “the importance of education.” I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to raise a child while working full time but this family managed well!

Film Making Career

In order to indulge her passion for filmmaking, she began taking classes at the New York Film Academy in 1990. Klacik’s first film was a documentary titled “Spotlight on Mental Illness” which examined the problem of mental illness among homeless people and others living on society’s margins. Over time, Kim shifted from making documentaries into narrative films with projects such as The Biggest Loser: Couples (2007) and The Fit Club TV series(2008).  Klacik also founded an independent production company called Dune Entertainment Partners that specialized in producing medical programming including titles like Miracle Workers (2018), Working Moms Who Kill (2019), Fear Thy Neighbor With Nancy Grace (2020) and more. She has been honored with a Primetime Emmy Award, two Academy Awards and numerous other awards for her work.

Klacik then switched from documentary-making over time to narrative films such as The Biggest Loser: Couples (2007) and The Fit Club TV series, of which she was the executive producer.

In 2016 – after Klacik had been working as a TV and film director for over 25 years  – her documentary “Battle With Bipolar” made its debut on PBS in September that year. The title speaks to the long battle with mental illness faced by one family member who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder while also examining how this affects other members of the immediate family.

In addition to directing it, Klacik herself narrates the piece and even interviews her own parents about their son’s condition from an early age onward through diagnosis at 18, his coping mechanisms during high school and college up until finally being hospitalized when he married into adulthood only to be released again three weeks later without ever getting better.


Kim Klacik’s story is very compelling, it’s hard to believe that she is not the daughter of Hollywood royalty. It sounds like her life has been very difficult but her movies have definitely helped her out in the long run. She makes movies to escape and this has surely made her life a lot happier. Her contribution to the entertainment industry is also great. She has even worked as TV host and she is well known for this role. But her real passion is on creating movies.

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