Who is Kevin Stefanski’s wife, Michelle Stefanski?

kevin stefanski wife

Kevin Stefanski is a popular American football coach who is now the head coach of the National Football League’s Cleveland Browns team. He used to play as a defensive back when he was at the University of Pennsylvania. He was even listed as the freshman of the year of Penn Quakers football in 2000. Also, he and his team was the only undefeated team of the University of the decade and was also selected for All-Ivy League twice.

He started his NFL career as an assistant coach for Minnesota Vikings and in 2020 he left Minnesota to become head coach of the Cleveland Browns. He is also the first coach of the Cleveland Browns to be listed as NFL coach of the year since 1975.

He is a great coach but you can find all the information about him on Wikipedia so we will be talking about his wife Michelle Stefanski in this article instead of him. We will get to know who his wife is and other few things like her birthday and stuff.

Short Biography of Michelle Stefanski

Michelle was born on October 19, 1981, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, to Michael McCarthy and Linda McCarthy. Michelle also has two siblings Kristin and Kyle, both of them are younger than her. Both of her siblings are also married Kristin is married to a man named Nick Friend while Kyle is married to a woman named Lindsey.

These are the only pieces of information we could get about Michelle and her personal life besides that we don’t know anything about her we don’t know her body measurements, we don’t know her zodiac sign, and we don’t know her educational qualification.

Kevin’s Best Friend

Michelle is Kevin’s wife and mother of three children but she is also the best friend of Kevin. Kevin and Michelle were married in July of 2007 and at the time Kevin was in Minnesota Vikings working as an assistant coach but what does it have to do with Michelle being his best friend?

Well, she was there with Kevin since the beginning of his career constantly supporting him and we should remember that Kevin became the head coach of the Cleveland Browns just a year ago in 2020 so all over their marriage he was still struggling to improve his career. Since Kevin was so focused on his career it is only right to think that Michelle had to take care of their three children Will, Gabe, and Juliet more than Kevin.

How Much Does She Earn? (Her Net Worth)

Since there is not much information on the internet about Michelle’s personal life including her income and net worth we don’t really know how much she earns or how much her net worth is.

On the other hand, her husband who was listed as the coach of the year is the head coach of the Cleveland Browns team of the National Football League, but he has not revealed his earning or net worth so we can only estimate how much he’s worth and according to the sources, he is worth around $2 or $3 million.

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