Who is Kevin Costner’s Son, Liam Costner?

Liam Costner

Liam Costner is famous for being Kevin Costner son and Liam father is one of the famous an American actor and singer as well and his father has also won two Academy Awards and one Primetime Emmy Awards.

Due to his father fame as soon as Kevin was born he was on the media spotlight and hot topic on news for many days as well.

In this article we will look in detail about this guy early life, siblings about his family and everything related to this guy.

Liam Costner full name is Liam Timothy Costner and he was born in October 15, 1996 and his nationality is American and his ethnicity is Caucasian.

Who is Liam Costner Mother?

Not just Liam father is from a rich family but his mother Bridget Rooney is also from one of the richest family of USA known as Rooney family. She was born in 1962 and she is also known as Pittsburgh Steelers heiress.

Her grandfather name is Art Rooney who is also owner of Pittsburgh Steelers, her family is actively involved on sports, acting and in politics.

On the other side his father is one of the well known actor who has already worked on many best and most successful movies as well as TV series.

Did His Parents Ever Get Married?

Liam father and mother began to date when his father already has a first wife Cindy Silva and it was time in 1994, the relation between this couple were always secret and far from spotlight. Through out their relation they never made single public appearances together and there is no single photo of together.

There is also some controversy like this couple only dated for seven months before they move on their own paths.

Till now they have never confirmed about their relationship till now, neither Kevin nor Bridget has accepted their relationship life and till now there are has been no any confirmed relationship about this couple.

How is Liam and his father relationship?


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It looks like there has been no any issues between Kevin and his father till now, Liam father want to have a paternity test while Liam was about to born and the test was come positive. Kevin also did a trust fund for his son and as per People, his father visit him occasionally but not regularly.

Liam father also has other child excluding Liam other six-other children and he also told to Good Housekeeping, “All of my kids are showered with love.”

Liam Costner Has Six Half Siblings

Liam has lots of siblings including about six siblings and his older three half-siblings are from his father first marriage with Cindy Silva, his eldest sister name is Annie Costner who is also a film producer and she was born in 1984, Annie is also a founder of a film producer company known as Sound Off Films and she is also already married to Dr. Danny Cox.

His another sister name is Lily Costner and she was born on 1986 her birthplace was in Los Angeles, she has also followed her father path and she is actively walking on the path which her father was also walked. She is an actor who has already played her roles on movies like The Postman (1997) and Black or White (2014).

Liam brother name is Joe who was born in 1988 and he is also on the same path of his father walked all of these are older than Liam and they were from Kevin’s first marriage life.

Liam also has three younger siblings who came from his father second marriage life with Christine Baumgartner, she is a model and a designer who has already worked with top class fashion brands.

With second marriage Liam father Kevin has two sons and a daughter, Cayden Wyatt Costner was born in 2007 and his another son Hayes Logan Costner was born in 2009.

The youngest member of the family Grace Avery Costner was born in 2010.

Kevin has been spotted many events and on occasions with his family and kids many time but there are only few or rare moments where we were able to see both Liam and Kevin together.

His Mother Bridget Rooney Married Billionaire Bill Koch

After his parents break their promise and started to live on their own way his father married to fashion designer whereas, his mother married to Billionaire Bill Koch, so Liam step-dad is billionaire and his mom is from the billionaire family and his father is also a multi-millionaire.

Bridget and Bill did their marriage on 2005 and their wedding ceremony was held in Colorado. His mom is about 20 years smaller than his step-dad and they are living their life happily.

Is Liam Costner Dating or Single?

Being son of the rich guy, handsome and also has a great personality this is what we call him to define. There are many girls who fell in his love, but till now there has been no any prove or any hint about his dating life.

It looks like he is focusing on her career more than on any other stuffs which including love or girlfriend life.

When he was just young his parents were separated and this might also affect him which might have effect his love life, his parents love life was not so good even being on a rich family.

How much is Liam Costner’s net worth?

Liam has not completed his education still so his net worth is still under review, but if you ask for his father net worth it is estimated around more than $250 million.

Being son of rich guy means he has no need to worry about his future too much and about his career life as well but we are sure he will do his best.

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