Who is Kevin Costner’s Ex-Wife, Cindy Costner?

Cindy Costner with Kevin

Cindy Costner is the ex-wife of Kevin Costner the most recognizable face in Hollywood. But before he was a Superstar, Kevin was just a college student at California State University.

And this was where he met his first wife Cindy Costner. The two were married for more than two decades. Today, we are going to be talking about Cindy and her life. So, let us get started.

Who is Cindy Costner?

Cindy Costner was born as Cynthia Silva on 29th October 1956 in the state of California. She is known for being married to veteran actor Kevin Costner. Cindy was actually Kevin’s first wife.

Cindy is of Portuguese descent and she developed an interest in acting at a very young age. Anyway, she did not follow this passion and later got married to an actor herself.

After graduating from high school, she went to California State University where she met Kevin Costner. After her studies, her career begins after working in Disneyland.

After being with Kevin for three years, the pair got married and it was during this time that Costner gained a lot of success with some really high-profile roles in different films.

Relationship with Kevin

Kevin first met Cindy in the early 1970s when the two were studying their Bachelors at the University in Southern California. Just like Kevin, Cindy also loved the idea of becoming an actress and she played the role of a princess at Disneyland when on her summer breaks as a child.

Kevin even tried to make her wife open up as Disney Princess but she did not want to be a Hollywood star and become famous. After Kevin’s graduation, the pair got married. The first year of their marriage was a bit hard as Kevin was just starting his career in the Big Screen.

Following Kevin’s graduation in 1978, the college sweethearts made their love official when they tied the knot that same year. Throughout the first years of their marriage, the new husband focused on getting his Hollywood career off the ground.

The pair welcomed their first child in 1984. They were happy back then and named their daughter Annie. They also had a second daughter named Lily who was born around two years later.

Toughest Divorce

As per to Forbes, Kevin and Cindy divorce is one of the expensive divorce in the world of Hollywood which costed around $80 million.

Kevin’s high demand on the industry and his too much busy schedule was the cause of split between the couple as per findings. Closer stated that in 1994 the couple released a joined statement where they made an announcement stating that they are ready and planned to split away on their own and they have also resolved all the issues like financial and personal.

After the divorce Kevin married to Bridget Rooney and this couple also has a son named Liam Costner but later once again Kevin was found he was sharing his love with another lady Christine Baumgartner.

She is an adoring mom

At the moment, Kevin and Cindy are walking on their own path after the divorce, many sources have claimed that she is doing her best to raise her kids.

As per some guy who is very close to both of this ex-couple said to People that, “I think their relationship as individuals will be OK,” their longtime friend John McInnes revealed. “They have a common love, their kids, who are the most important thing to both of them. I don’t think they’ll have one of those cutthroat relationships. It’s just sad because they were the perfect couple.”

What is Cindy’s Net Worth?

Cindy is wealthy and being the wife of a famous actor she managed to make a lot of money from divorce and from her own career life. At the moment her net worth is $80 million which she got from the divorce settlement.

About Cindy ex-husband Kevin’s Career


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Kevin’s debut came in 1981’s Sizzle Beach, USA and he continued acting with minor roles in films such as Night Shift and The Big Chill.

Kevin made his debut in 1981’s Sizzle Beach, U.S.A. and continued acting with a few minor supporting roles in 1982’s Night Shift, 1983’s The Big Chill and more.

After he became dad, Kevin’s acting career wasn’t really set but then The Untouchables happened in 1987 and Kevin finally got his big break.

When his youngest son was born in 1998, he became pretty successful and had credits for really great films such as Field of Dreams, The Bodyguard, A perfect world, Bull Durham and more.

By 2000, Kevin became a really great actor in the industry. But problems started happening when Kevin became a big star. Their marriage started to fall because of Kevin’s work Schedule. They got divorced in 1994. .

“After 16 years together, we are ending our marriage,” Kevin and Cindy released a statement.

People Magazine wrote the statement, “We have amicably resolved all issues regarding our children and financial affairs and a full marital settlement has been reached.”

After this divorce, Kevin started a short relationship with actress Bridget Rooney and welcomed a son with her in 1996. But the two were not married. His second wife is Christine Baumgartner. The couple exchanged vows in 2004.

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