Who is Stephen Baldwin’s Wife, Kennya Baldwin?

Kennya Baldwin

Kennya Baldwin is the wife of American actor Stephen Baldwin. She is an important member of the Baldwin family. Despite this, very little is known about her lifestyle.

She is incredibly private and only a few people know her despite the kind of fame that her other family members get. So, today we will be providing all the information that we have found on Kennya Baldwin.

Kennya Baldwin

Who is Kennya Baldwin?

Kennya Baldwin was born on the 24th of October. Her birth year is 1968. She is best known as the wife of Stephen Baldwin. In addition, she is also the daughter of a very famous Brazilian Composer Deodato.

She has been around famous people all her life. Her father, her husband, and even her daughter are celebrities but Kennya is a private person.

Her involvement in the limelight is quite minimum. She lived her early years in Brazil where she became quite famous for being the daughter of a widely acclaimed composer.

But after a while, she left brazil to go to New York. She started her education in New York and then graduated in 1984. After she graduated, she enrolled in Parsons School of Design. She got a degree in graphics design.


Kennya worked in New York as a graphics designer initially. The degree she did in New York kick-started this career and she has been in this line of work for a very long time.

Even after marrying Stephen, Kennya never seeks fame and fortune. She decided to stay from all that.

What does Kennya Baldwin do? She is a Graphic designer.

She is still doing her job as a graphic designer. We do not know where she works though. All of this information is kept away from the public but she does make a decent living out of her work.

Her appearance and body measurements

Talking about her appearance, she has dark brown air and a pair of dark brown eyes. She is very fit and has an hourglass figure. Additionally, she has a fair complexion and her trademark is her wide lips. She loves traveling, drinking wine, massages, and cooking.

It is revealed that her height is 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) and she weighs about 60 kg (132 lbs). Her body measurements are 34-25-35 inches. Also, her shoe size is 6.5 (US).

Kennya Baldwin

Relationship with Stephen Baldwin

Kennya and Stephen first met in a NY Subway station. She met him when she was young and just starting as a designer. The encounter happened in 1987 and that was love at first sight for the two. After three years, Kennya and Stephen got married. The year was 1990. Since then the pair have been together.

The two did have some hard times initially. Both of them were pretty poor when they were young but right now, both make a killing. They were also blessed with two daughters who are very famous too.

The two daughters are Alaia and Hailey. Both of them are fashion models and celebrities. Kennya Baldwin still looks young and her daughters look like her as well.

Are Stephen and Kennya Baldwin still married?

Yes, it seems like both of them are still married. Both of them seem to be happy with their relationships. As well as neither of them has made any claims or allegations against each other in the public.

Even though Stephen was rumored to have cheated Kennya in the past, the couple is still together and he has denied the claim. The woman who claimed to be Stephen’s mistress named Ruth Perez Anselmi has kept her Instagram account private and remained out of the spotlight.

But even so, the two are together and living a happy married life.

Baldwin is not on social media though, she doesn’t have an Instagram but her daughters regularly post her photos. This makes her seem more obscure in the media. Her daughter Hailey is currently married to the pop sensation Justin Bieber.

Kennya and Stephen’s Daughters

Kennya and Stephen have been very supportive to their daughter since and they also helped both daughters Alaia and Hailey to pursue the same career Stephen walked. Alaia is 29 by now and she is also one of the famous models in both country USA and Britain.

Her experience and portfolio are full of modeling experiences and her best work in the modeling world and she has been working on many big companies located in New York and Milan as well.

alaia baldwin
Picture of Alaia Baldwin.

By now Alaia is a married woman and her husband is also one of the famous founders, current president, and executive producers of Pocket Ace Productions, LLC. Her husband’s name is Andrew Aronow.

Hailey Bieber is their other daughter as we already mention she is married to the world’s biggest pop star Justin Bieber in 2018. She was officially introduced by IMG Models since then she has been rocking on her career journey.

Both daughters of Kennya are famous for their work and they also managed to make an immense amount of net worth in their bank. Kennya is the proud mother of very famous celebrities who are also idols of many people from all over the world.

Her nice motherhood and care towards her family including her support for the career of Alaia and Hailey made them very successful names on this planet.

hailey with justin bieber
Picture of Hailey and Justin Bieber.

Kennya and Stephen’s Controversies and Scandals

This couple is now living happily and they also have a good amount of money to survive their luxury life but in 2009 there was a huge problem for this couple’s family, there was a controversy that this couple was hit by tax trouble.

At that time Stephen was failed to pay income taxes so, this couple planned to file a chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2009. Due to this situation, they lost many properties including Upper Grandview, New York, and in the village of Nyack to foreclosure.

After this incident, this couple move to a new house which was owned by Stephen’s brother Alec Baldwin.

Daily Mail also reported that he was failed to pay tax more than $800,000 but by now they are parents of very successful models and their life is back to normal.

Kennya and Stephen’s Return to Christian Faith

When their first daughter was very small this couple hired a nanny and housekeeper Augusta. Augusta was Brazilian and she was very faithful to Christianity, she used to encourage Kennya a lot to return to the Christian path.

But many times she used to ignore it, being Christian she was very low on her faith but Augusta’s encouragement helped her to return on the track.

After she was on the track she started to visit Brazilian Evangelical Church in New York and later started to convince her husband to follow back Christianity and Stephen started to follow it back as well.

Later, they became conservative Christians and Stephen did not even allow his step-father to visit his house with his new girlfriend.

Kennya Baldwin

Net worth and her presence on social media

Kennya Baldwin is 51 years old right now. She has an very huge career as a graphic designer. Her total net worth is estimated to be around $300K. Add to that, her husband who is a really good actor has a net worth of more than $1 million dollars.

Similarly, her daughter Hailey is also worth a lot of money as she is the wife of famous singer Justin Bieber.

Being the wife of famous celebrity Kennya made her life far from the media and public eye and choose to live a peaceful as well as silent life. Maybe this reason there is no social media profile of her till now.

But once she also use the Twitter account username @kennya_baldwin, but it has been inactive since 2015.

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