Who is Ken Jeong’s Wife, Tran Jeong?

Ken with Tran Jeong

Tran Jeong is a famous for being an American famous actor Ken Jeong’s wife. Ken has played on some of the American best movies like The Hangover and he has also worked as a judge in The Masked Singer.

Before marrying Ken her name was born with name Tran Ho and this couple meet for the first time in California at 2002 since, they have been living happy life although they had suffered and walked many difficulties together.

Who is Tran Jeong?

Name Tran Jeong
Birth date 24 February 1972
Age 47 Years old
Nationality American
Ethnicity Vietnamese
Profession Physician
Husband Ken Jeong
Net Worth $14 Million

Ken and Tran were together before Ken was a famous and popular guy, he completed his education from medical school and later started to worked as a licensed physician. The both couple meet for the first time on their medical days while his future wife was also practicing at health care sector in California.

Tran ethnicity is Asian and her family background started from Vietnam with American nationality. There is no any exact information has found related to her past life and also about her parents.

On their young days Tran was working as a doctor and it looks like she was happy with her profession but on the other site Ken looks not so happy with his job since, his interest was in Comedy.

Being doctor Ken also did a many comedy roles on small TV projects and he also used to show his comedy skill through the comedy clubs. Later, when the time come to decide which career he should choose his wife Tran really helped him to pursue with his dream rather than his job.

Writing on Huffpost, the comedian said that his family stood side by side and encouraged him to pursue his dream by leaving his doctor profession. He also added that he is not sure how many wives in this world will support their husband but he said I am the lucky one.

Mother of Two Daughters

Tran is not just a wife but she is also a mother of twin daughters named Alexa Jeong and Zooey Jeong. Although, the daughters are twin their personality is very different and their behavior is also different.

Sometimes, this sisters also attends on public events with their parents but no so much only few times they have been spotted by media.

Once their youngest family member Zooey also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live show with her father, on the show we can clearly see the talent of this kid and it looks like she will also follow her father path.

Her daughter Alexa is also growing up and she is a eldest child of Jeong family as well.

Tran Jeong Was Diagnosed With Cancer


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After having a twin their family was very happy but later they received a bad news just after some time of this good news and it was found that Tran was diagnosed by a cancer and her cancer was also a aggressive breast cancer. While checking by a doctor they said that she has only 23% chance of survival.

Talking with Copingmag, Ken shared his feeling of how he felt when he heard this heart breaking news, he also said at that time he was very confused and he don’t know what to think at that point.

After this news Ken mind was full of questions and confusions like what will happen if I lose my love, how can I move forward after her demise these types of questions used to fill his mind.

Anyway even with this fear the couple never lose their hope and they also tried everything from their side to cope this cancer. For seven months Tran did many therapy, radiation and mastectomy.

Her husband ‘The Hangover Role’

While Tran was battling with cancer her husband was offered the role of Leslie Chow in movie The Hangover Role which was released in 2009. As per Tran husband this role was his life changing role and it helped him to climbed the ladder of success.

While Ken got the role of Chow in the movie he was on the miserable condition because his wife was on a cancer stage and he has got a offer which was massive but Ken was about to turn it down.

Talking with news companies he said that he was about to turn the offer down but his wife encourage him to continue the role and focus on his career. Tran knew that this movie chance was one of the biggest chance for Ken and it can take him on the new height of comedy as well.

Talking with Express UK he shared the moment when he was fighting with the demons of his own and the life or death battle of his wife which was really not a great time for this guy.

She beat the cancer

Once doctor said that her cancer is about to kill her and there is only 23% chance of survival, she choose the survival path and due to regular medications, treatments and therapy made her win the game. In 2009 she won the cancer and she was cancer free as well.

Remembering the time when the family was walking on the misery path Ken said he is now very happy more than ever and his wife is also doing fine and she is healthy. On the other side their daughters are doing well and they are also on their adult stage.

Tran Net Worth

Her income is unknown and there is no any information about her business as well but her husband makes a tons of money from his shows, roles and from ads. As per report she shares whopping net worth of $14 million with her husband.

Jeong family bought a house in Calabasas which they bought for $2.4 million which was built in 2006 and they sold it for $2.5 million later.

Tran and her family is living on a luxurious house in Calabasas which they bought for $3.95 million and the house size is about 6,700 square feet and it has 4 bedrooms with 4 bathrooms.

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