Keilani Bautista: Dave Bautista ‘Batista’ Daughter Biography

Keilani Bautista
Date of Birth 1990
Relationship Single
Father Dave Batista

Keilani Bautista is a daughter of famous WWE superstar David Michael Bautista Jr, who also known as Bautista. Keilani was born in 1990, she is also known as actor kid since, her father is not only a wrestler but also an actor.

Dave Bautista is now officially retired as a professional actor due to his health and age. Before Dave Bautista was a wrester he was also one of the mixed martial artist being bodybuilder as a hobby.

She is a eldest child in the family and also have one young sister known as Athena Bautista. And now Athena runs Youtube channel under her name. Keilani Bautista mother name is Glenda Bautista and her grandparents are Donna Raye Bautista and David Michael Bautista.


There is no exact information related to her but we will let you know as much as we can and as per our detailed research. It is said that she is a married woman but there is no any exact information that proves she was a married. Although, we have no detail information about her husband we found that she got two children.

And her children name is Aiden Bautista, Jacob Bautista. We do not heard a lot about Bautista family in the internet, it looks like they are enjoying there personal life and don’t wanna come out on a lime light. But she is a daughter of famous superstar many people want to know about her life.

Body Measurements

Keilani Bautista is beautiful girl. She also got a beautiful figure and good height. There is no exact information about her body measurements but her father Dave Bautista is really a strong man with big fan following.

About Her Parents

Bautista is a professional wrestler who debuted or begun his career in 1999. From 2002 to 2010 he got his named famous stage name Batista with more than six time World Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship by four times also, WWE Championship two times.

More info he also won the World Tag Team Match three times and Royal Rumble match in 2005. At the time of his fame he was a highest paid wrestler and also got listed on highest-grossing pay-per-view events in professional wrestling.

But sadly, this great player resigned from the ring game in 2013 and he again made is come back in October 2018 facing Triple-H at wrestle mania.

Now, Dave is als a famous actor starting his career in 2006. He has played great role in famous movies like Riddick (2013), Blade Runner 2049 (2017) and he also played some role in Marvel movies as well.

glenda bautista with batista

Glenda Bautista a mother of Keilani is also a senior director in Hearst Publishing Company, and she also got more than 19 years experience.

Glenda and Dave Bautista get married on March 25, 1990. And they got two beautiful daughters as well but they got divorced in 1998, and spent 5 years with Batista before she met Chris.

Keilani Bautista Facts

  1. She is a daughter of famous WWE Superstar and American Actor Dave Bautista
  2. Her age is now 31 because she was born in 1990
  3. Keilani Bautista has two kids and there is no lot information about them as well
  4. Her mother Glenda Bautista got divorced with Dave Bautista, when she was just 8 years old
  5. She got one sister with the name Athena Bautista
  6. It seems she love private life and don’t wanna join media
  7. She got a Facebook and Instagram account as well

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