Who is Katie Pavlich’s Husband, Gavy Friedson?

Gavy Friedson

Gavy Friedson, right now, is the Director of International Emergency Management. In addition to this, he also holds the post of the Global Ambassador of the Jerusalem based medical services organization named United Hatzalah which is located in Israel. But he is more popular because of his marriage to the famous media personality, Katie Pavlich.

His wife Katie’s full name is Catherine Merri Katie Pavlich. She is famous in the media world for being an American conservative commentator, blogger, podcaster, and author. She is also known as a news editor and contributor to the site known as townhall.com and also the Townhall Magazine. In short, she is a really big deal in the media world.

Gavy and his wife have been married for more than 4 yeas now and they are living happily. This article is not about Katie though, we are actually going to provide you some awesome facts about Gavy so, let us get started!

Childhood and Education

Gavy Friedson was born in the year 1988 in Florida. His hometown is Boca Raton and he is a part Israeli. In fact, his family moved to Israel from America when he was around 10 years old. While we don’t know much about his childhood but we do know that after high school he attended the IDC Herzliya-International School. It was in this school where he got his bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies. In addition to that, He even  received a Masters’s degree in Public Health (MPH) from the University of Tel Aviv University. Gavy has also specialized in Emergency and Disaster Management.

Gavy Friedson’s Physical Stats

If you were wondering about Gavy’s physical attributes, you are out of luck! We really don’t have any information about it. But if you stalk his Instagram and see his pictures, you can guess that he is a bit taller than an average person and has a really athletic physique. He also has a receding hairline and is of white ethnicity.

Likes to Volunteer

Gavy is a very big in Volunteering. He started to volunteer as a United Hatzalah EMT in 2006. This was when he was just 17-years-old. He was go good at it that he even got one of the organization’s first ambucycles. Gavy was happy to get that gift. Friedson is also very passionate about his work and he tries his vest to arrive on time at a scene of a medical emergency. A life is at stake most of the times!


Friedson and Pavlich dated for a couple of years before getting married. They tied the knot in the year 2017. The marriage took place in America and it was attended by their immediate family in a really private location. The couple don’t have any children yet but they are pretty fond of each other if we go by their social media. Katie Pavlich was previously in a relationship with Brandon Darby.

Gavy Friedson’s career

Gavy Friedson joined the fire department first and then later joined the police department before he entered the Israel defense force by the time he was 18 years old. After that, he moved to the United States shortly after and is now working as a fundraiser. His work is to raise fund for United Hatzalah. Aside from this, he is also the director of International Emergency Management and Global Ambassador of United Hatzalah of Israel. Friedson also visits Israel every year to work as a volunteer on the field.

Childhood in an ambulance!

A very unknown fact about Gavy is that he used to be dropped to his school by either an Ambulance or a Fire Truck. Why? Because of his work as a volunteer. He was just saving people’s lives when he was not at school!

Gavy Friedson’s net worth

Gavy has a really good net worth through his work. But despite having a good income, he chooses to live a really modest and simple life. While we don’t know the exact extent of his wealth, we can say for sure that he earns more than an Average American.

Social Media Presence

Gavin is very active on social media. As a fundraiser, you need to have social presence to get more people to donate to your cause and this is what Gavin does. In social media, he shares his work and posts about various things. He is particularly active in Twitter.

All about Gavy’s wife

katir pavlich

Gavy Friedson’s wife Pavlich is doing extremely good. She has a degree in the subject of Broadcast Journalism. He got it from the Uni of Arizona in 2010. Her whole career is build around studying Communication. In the year 2013, She became a co-host of the fox news channel’s show called The Five. In addition, she also worked for the National fellow as Washington Fellow and has been blessed enough to cover many news such as the 2012’s Presidential Elections and more. She is also a writer and her first book was published in 2014. It was titled ‘Assault and Flatter: The Truth About The Left and Their War On Women.’ This book really gained traction and it was even retweeted by Donald Trump in 2017.

Katie’s awards and nominations

Gavy’s wife Katie is a big deal. She has got many prestigious awards as well as nominations for her work. She got the Woman of the Year and Conservative Leadership award in the year 2014. In addition, she got the Blogger of the Year award in 2013 at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

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