Who is Kate Mckinnon’s Partner? (About Jackie Abbott)

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Kate McKinnon is an American actress who is pretty popular in America for her many roles. She is actually nominated for 8 times in the Primetime Emmy Awards. And she won two of those. She won the award for Outstanding Supporting Artist. Most of her roles are comedic and she is even an author.

Best known for her SNL Skit where she impersonated Hilary Clinton, she also has roles in various films such as The Boss Baby and Rough Night. She was also in the Ghostbusters Reboot movie and is looking to be on the big screen in the upcoming Dumb and Dumber sequel. Kate originally started working alongside improv groups such as ComedySportz LA while she was still living in Los Angeles. She was also trying to make it big in this scene.

Today, we take a look at her relationship and  her partner and answer the much asked question about her sexual orientation.

Early Life

Kate McKinnon’s original name is Kathryn McKinnon Berthold. She was born on January 6, 1984 at Sea Cliff in New York City. She is an American actress who does comedic roles and she works as a writer as well.

McKinnon was raised in Long Island in New York. Her father was an Architect Michael Berthold and her mother an educator by that name of Laura Campbell. She also has a younger sister Emily. She and her sister have collaborated on Audible to read a series out for the young audience. Kate’s father died when she was 18. 

When she was a child, Kate played many instruments, she started playing the piano when she was just five years old and she played cello when she was only 12.  She also taught herself to play the guitar at only 15.

McKinnon used to do accents when she was only a child. She even auditioned for the English accent and had a really thick one at that. She could impersonate people from an early age and that was how she actually got into the entertainment industry. 

She is known for her dedicated work ethic and her portrayals of very funny characters in Sketch comedies. She has also done series such as The Big Gay Sketch Show as well as Saturday Night Live.

Is Kate McKinnon Fay?

Yes, Kate has been gay for years now. She has been with her partner the photographer, Jackie Abbott for a really long time. We will get into their relationship later in this blog.

Anyway, the rumor started when she started playing the roles of lesbian characters in various skits in Saturday Night Live. She also played these jokes with Jerry Seinfield.

But this did not really fuel the rumor and she did not really come out of the closet here. It was much later when she received an award and had to give a speech.

She shed tears and then finally revealed her LGBTQ lifestyle and reality. Kate actually risked her career while telling the truth and she even suffered for it. Her attitude has changed though and she is ready to face any challenge that might come because of her sexuality.  She said that she was inspired by Ellen to finally reveal the truth.

Ellen DeGeneres also supported Kate and said Introverted people like Kate have a hard time coming out and that she was proud of her. Speaking on Ellen’s support, Kate later told the media that Seeing Ellen on TV was the reason that she felt inspired and wanted to be on TV as a member of the LGBTQ community. She also said that she had felt like an alien up to the time she did not come out but once she did, a big weight lifted off her chest and she felt pretty good about it.

About Kate Mckinnon’s Relationship with Her Partner Jackie Abott

It was the September of 2017 when in an Instagram Post, the relationship between Kate and Jackie got public. It was posted by one of their mutual friends with a really long caption that told the public that Jackie was Kate’s girlfriend. She also officially made the relationship public and exposed Kate’s personal life.

Kate is not really active on social media but Jackie is and she has since posted a lot of pictures of them together in different situations. Kate was even criticized for being secret but it seems like she has been like that since a child.

In an interview, She told GQ that she felt Uncomfortable sharing her personal things due to past experiences.

As we mentioned, Kate came out of the closet in public when she gave a really heart touching performance in the Golden Globes. She was presented by Ellen and Carol Burnett for her achievement. Kate also told the story of how Ellen came to know about her sexuality in 1997. She said that she felt strong when she came out on her sitcom at an episode in 1997. She explained that it was bit risky back then.

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