Who Is Kay Kinsey? About Karl Malone Wife

kay kinsey

Kay Kinsey is the wife of famous NBA player Karl Malone. Even though he has already retired, his name still lingers on the NBA court. Well, that’s because of his exceptional playing prowess and extensive career that consists of many major titles, including twice the NBA Most Valuable Player awards and more.

Kay and Karl are enjoying a wonderful life together for many years. The two have even welcomed four children over the years. Kay came into the limelight after winning the title of Miss Idaho USA in 1988. She had gained attention once again after marrying Karl almost three decades ago.

Wanna find out every hidden detail of Karl Malone’s wife Kay? Are you interested to learn about her life, career, relationship, and net worth? If you are, you are in the right place as we will tell you everything you need to know about her in this article.

Kay Kinsey is connected to the Philippines

Kay Kinsey was born on 8th August 1964 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Her husband even shared a short video on his Twitter celebrating his wife’s birthday a day after her 55th birthday in 2019. You can watch the post down below.

Kay is the daughter of Celestina Kinsey and Bob Kinsey. Both of them are from the Philippines but the two moved to the United States a year after their marriage in 1962. Initially, they lived in San Antonio after coming to the USA. Later, they settled down permanently in Idaho Falls in 1983.

The couple have welcomed three more children besides Kay. The name of one of her sisters is Sharon. Unfortunately, Kay’s mother has already died. In a 1999 interview with Deseret News, Kay revealed that her mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. Her mother dies at the age of 59 in July 2009.

She used to call her mother, her “best friend”, who lived at Malone’s old house in Salt Lake City with her husband Bob before she died. According to Kay’s birthdate, she is currently 47 years old and her zodiac sign is Leo. She is 5’8″ (172 cm) tall and her weight is 68 kg (150 lbs).

How did Kay meet her husband? Are they still together?


Kay meet her husband for the first time at a downtown shopping mall during an autograph session in Salt Lake in 1989. At that time, she was completely unaware of Karl’s successful NBA career. But she asked her brother-in-law about him, who was in line for Karl’s signature.

One of her sisters helped her to get connect with the NBA after some time. Her sister sent him a picture of her Miss Idaho sister. After that, the two met each other some weeks later and they immediately started dating. Later, the couple decided to tie the wedding knot on 24th December 1990.

They held their wedding ceremony in Malone’s home located in Salt Lake City. The couple also celebrated their honeymoon a year after their wedding in the summer in Alaska. Additionally, the two also went on a short Christmas Day vacation in Wendover Nevada at the time of their nuptials.

It is also revealed that they had initially planned to marry months ago they actually exchanged their vows in December. However, their plan didn’t go as planned because of their busy schedules and other arrangements.

Does Kay Kinsey have any children?

Kay Kinsey and Karl and Malone have welcomed altogether four children. They welcomed their first daughter named Kadee Malone on 8th November 1991. Kadee has grown up to be a promising businesswoman who runs her own merchandise. She sells Dominican Cigars, Hemp Oils, and Home-made Vape Juice. She is already engaged to her boyfriend Johnson at the beginning of 2000.

The couple also welcomed their second daughter named Kylee Malone on 7th April 1993. She is the owner of Smilee Kylee and she is engaged to her long-time boyfriend named Joey Lopez. Together, they have even welcomed a daughter named Giselle Aline Lopez in September 2020. So, not only does Kay have children but she is already a grandmother as well.

Additionally, they were also blessed with their son named K.J. Malone on 8th May 1995. He is a former footballer who used to play for his college team Louisiana State University. Unfortunately, he had to quit playing due to his knee injury in 2018.

The couple also welcomed their youngest daughter named Karlee Malone in 1998. Karlee began her career as a model and she has worked for several popular brands. She has also done some commercials.

Kay Kinsey’s step-children


Kay’s husband Karl is also the father of three other children from his previous relationship. He had welcomed twins from his relationship with a lady named Bonita Ford. Thus, Kay is the stepmother to Karl’s twins; a daughter named Cheryl Ford and a son named Daryl Ford.

Her husband had welcomed the twins on 6th June 1981 in Louisiana. Kay’s stepson Daryl and step-daughter Cheryl used to play basketball in their initial career at Louisiana Tech University. Cheryl even played for Detroit Schock.

Additionally, Kay also has a stepson named Demetress Bell from her spouse’s previous relationship with Gloria Bell. Demetress was born on May 3rd,1984, in Summerfield, Louisiana, United States. He played football at Northwestern State. Later, he was drafted by the Buffalo Bulls in the seventh round of the 2008 NFL Draft.

What is Kay Kinsey up to these days? (Her career)

You might be shocked to hear that, Kay is professionally a former supermodel. She had started following her modeling passion after graduating from Boise State University. She even managed to make a few connections on her own to become an amazing model.

Kay also won the 1988 Miss Idaho USA pageant. After that, she worked as a director of pageants. However, she left her modeling career after she got married to Karl Malone and started working at her Teriyaki Grill restaurant in Ruston.

Formerly, she was also a cheerleader who grew up loving football. She is also a self-proclaimed die-hard fan of LSU and supports the football team Dallas Cowboys. As per the reports, she also owned and operated Wolfe Krest Bed and Breakfast in Salt Lake City.

Over the years, she is doing a very tough job of handling many significant tasks at the same time. Such as taking care of her extended family, helping her husband in running his multiple businesses, and maintaining a delightful married life. Thankfully, she has managed to fulfill her duties thanks to her innate abilities.

How much does Kay Kinsey earn?

It is estimated that Kay’s net worth is $300,000. However, she must be enjoying a luxurious life because her husband Karl has a total net worth of $75 million. It is revealed that he earned most of his money from his NBA career. His salary is reported to be around $104 million.

Not to forget that Karl also earned his highest win in 2002-2003 by winning 19.2 million dollars for Utah Jazz.  He also became the Director of Basketball Promotion, Training Assistant, and Conditioning Coach at the University of Louisiana Tech. At the moment, he is a big man coach at the Utah Jazz and he gave $350,000 to the University Department of Sport.

Kay earns quite a heft sum of money from her Teriyaki Grill Restaurant in Ruston. Thus, she must be living quite a lavish and comfortable along with her family.

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