All About Kaitlin Olson’s Plastic Surgery: Before and After

Kaitlin Olson

Kaitlin Olson is an American actress who is very famous for the role in TV series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia“. And she has been working on this show from 2005.

Since, the show is very famous everybody notices every single changes of this actress. The incident happened in 2018, when she was acting on 13th season of the show. The watchers found that she was not looking same and there is some changes on her face as well.

After watching the first episode of this show, fans were sad when they saw the face is not real of Kaitlin Olson and there was some changes.

Plastic surgery is done for two main reason, one of the main reason is to enhance her look, and another is to fill up scars, cut parts or injuries that happened in a road accident.

Kaitlin Olson Plastic Surgery: Let’s Find Truth

Kaitlin Olson

The plastic surgery incident discussion started from Reddit. The fans of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia“, fans gathered on reddit to discuss about Kaitlin Olson to find out the truth about her plastic surgery.

And the scary part was the fans did even noticed that Kaitlin eye brows, were not moving while she was talking or while she widened her eyes.

So, looking after this incident the fans concluded that she was surely went from cosmetic surgery on her face.

Anyway, she has never admitted that she has gone through plastic surgery. Anyway, her facial looks enhanced than that of her previous looks. The actress has not admitted that she has gone through any surgery or not even a minor facelifts.

Surgery after Horrific Bike Accident in Childhood

Many fans of Olson are clear to about the her past as well, and might be familiar with her past incident where she went through surgery when she had a bike accident.

The accident took place when she was just the age of 12 and the accident left scars on her head as well. The accident was so brutal that she was left with hole in her head when she was on a hospital after the accident.

In 2007, she also talked about the incident on Glamour, where she revealed that she banged her head which made her to go under some reconstructive surgery.

At interview she also added

“I still have and feel the space in my head. It was the size of a lime and now it is a size of quarter. And this was not good, I had to go school with head shaved. I also crushed my face and had to go under surgery. A girl with the age of 12, 13 years old does never want to go on school with the head shaved”

Kaitlin Olson Suffered School Bully

This actress is a victim of bully, there are lot’s of student who commit suicide due to school bully. Bullying a serious issue and it is not good at any cost. Kaitlin Olson was also a victim of bully.

She said that some people or her class mates were really helpful and kind to her, but some of them are really aggressive and abusive. She also remember one incident, when one kid throw Jelly beans on her face.

In her own word:

I remember when I was standing in a lunch line for a meal, One kid named Casey Johnson was behind my line and he was throwing jelly beans on my head to land those beans on my head hole.

So, we can really understand her childhood, how she was suffering from bullying and also was a victim of school bully.

Kaitlin Olson is Married to the Producer of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,’ Rob McElhenney

In 2008, she got married to the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” producer Rob McElhenney. Olson was playing her role as a “Deandra Reynolds” in this show from 2005 to present.

Being a co-star and a producer, this couple needs to met frequently which leads their love story to begin and soon turned it to marriage life.

Some media claims that these couple started to date secretly during the second season of the show.

Olson is Conscious of Her Kids

Now, Olson is on her 40s and she is happy with her husband, this couple are also blessed with two sons named, Axel Lee and Leo Grey McElhenney.

Both of these parents take good care of their kids, since Olson was also a victim of bully on her school days and now she also care her children very much.

She had faced lots of incident on her child life, so it was obvious that she feared if it would repeat to her kids as well.

She also added, “I try to teach my kids to be aware about and around the surroundings, and always try to be safe”.

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