Who is Kai Knapp? About Alexis Knapp’s Daughter

Kai Knapp

Kai Knapp is the daughter of Ryan Phillippe with Ex-Girlfriend Alexis Knapp.

If you are like us and watch the movie called Pitch Perfect almost religiously, you might already know about Kai Knapp. But if you don’t know her and want to know all about her, this article is perfect for you. so let us get started.

Who is Kai Knapp?

Kai Knapp (real name Kailani Merizalde Knapp) is the daughter of the famous actress from Pitch Perfect Alexis Knapp. Her father is the actor Ryan Phillippe. Kai was born just before 2010 while her parents were dating.

Alexis and Ryan met each other in around 2010 and dated for a short while before splitting up. They realized that Alexis was actually pregnant when they had split. This was a huge surprise for the pair.

Alexis did not want to marry before conceiving a child. But things did not go to her plan. And Kai was the result. Alexis even tried to give Kai up for adoption after not undergoing an abortion. But later she changed her mind and decided to keep her.

During the pregnancy period, Ryan did not have a lot of involvement in their life and they were not even seen together for a relatively long time. Alexis did start to look pregnant after a while though.

Does Kai have any siblings?

Yes, she does. She has half-siblings from her father’s earlier marriage. Ryan married Reese Witherspoon in 1999. Kai’s eldest sister is Ava Philippe and she also has a half-brother Deacon Reese Philippe who was born in the year 2003. From her mom’s side though, Kai is the only child.

Are Kai’s Parents rich?

Yes, they are pretty rich. Kai is born into a really affluent family and she will definitely have a great life ahead. Her mother alone is worth more than $5 million dollars. Her dad stands at around 32 million. So, Money is not really a problem for this family.

Kai’s whole world is her mom and it can be said that Kai receives a lot of love from her. She is always showering her daughter with love in social media. And if we have to judge the pictures, we can definitely say that Kai is treated well.

Why is Kai famous?

There are a few reasons for her fame. She is mainly famous because her mother is a very big celebrity who was in one of the most-watched shows on American TV. Another reason for her fame is that her mother is also an Instagram sensation.

Her mother has a lot of followers and she posts photos of her daughter almost daily. A lot of Kai’s fans are fans of Alexis. In addition, Kai looks like a mini Alexis so the fandom is even deep.

She is a very cute child and a lot of people really like to see that on their socials. It might also be safe to say that the young girl is really fortunate to have a really loving mom who loves her deeply.

Perhaps Kai will also grow to be just like her mom and become a big actress in Hollywood. Only time will tell though. We wish her all the best for her future!

Alexis as a single mom

After a few months of Kai’s Birth, a representative for Alexis said that Alexis never asked Ryan for any kind of help and she continued to support people in her family and friends.

When kai was born, it was decided for the child to use both her parent’s surnames. But Alexis was the only one to raise her. While she did have financial support from Ryan, it was Alexis who actually raised her child.

Alexis’ Career in Hollywood


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Alexis Knapp was born in the small town of Avonmore, Pennsylvania. She is the daughter or Marjorie and Bradford Knapp. Alexis lived in Avonmore for most of her childhood, she moved to Los Angeles when she got 18.

In Los Angeles, she started her career by hosting an Internet video series called ‘Project Lore’ which is a show about the videogame World of Warcraft. After that, she worked as a model for a while before finally getting into acting.

She appeared as a background character Aphrodite in the first Percy Jackson film. She was also an extra in the Couples Retreat show.

In 2012, she did her first major role in Project X. And then got her breakthrough as Stacie Conrad in the film Pitch Perfect. She also reprised her role in the sequel of the movie.

After that, she moved to TV and did the Pilot of ABCs short series called Super Fun Night. The show was written by the Pitch Perfect co-star Rebel Wilson. Alexis also starred in the film Undercover as well as in the first season of the TBS Comedy titled Ground Floor. She played the role of Tori who is a party girl in the show.

She was even cast as the pilot of the show called Lifetime but sadly this show was scrapped. Knapp has also done independent short films.

She does whatever role she gets in the industry and loves her work. She is an actor from the deepest part of her heart and her career has been pretty nice actually. The pitch-perfect role has indeed made her a star in Hollywood. It also made her a lot of money. She is a millionaire currently so, it is safe to say that Alexis has done pretty well for herself career-wise.

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