All About Ali Wong’s Husband – Justin Hakuta (Bio, Net Worth)

Justin Hakuta
Date of Birth 1982
Profession Businessman
Wife Ali Wong
Net $1.2 Million


Justin Hakuta is a businessman, and also a famous an American comedian Ali Wong husband. Justin wife Ali Wong is very famous due to her best comedy series that get published on Netflix and the series name was ‘Baby Cobra’.

This ‘Baby Cobra’ series was filmed when she was pregnant with her first child around September 2015. And again when she was filming her another Netflix original series ‘Hard Knock Wife’ she was pregnant because they were about to welcome their second baby.

Wong is now considered as one of the best comedian, and also now she is getting compare with world class comedians like David Chappelle and Chris Rock.

Wong makes a joke surrounding to her family life and her marriage, which is also similar to many couples around the world. Justin is very supportive to his wife and about her career.

So, in this article you will learn about Justin Hakuta life, his marriage with Wong, about his family, children and many more.


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Who is Ali Wong’s Husband?

Ali Wong’s husband Justin is a Japanese-Filipino business man and he has also served as a Vice-President for million dollar value company Good RX.

Hakuta was born on October 18, 1982 and his birthplace is in Los Angeles, California. Justin father is also a famous TV personality and his name is Ken Hakuta who is also known as Dr. Fad.

Ken is also a famous Japanese-American TV personality and inventor. He used to run a show in 1988 which used to show children’s inventions.

And his mother Marilou Cantiller is a banker who worked for a long time in World Bank and her ethnicity is Filipino.

Justin has two brothers and their name is Kenzo Hakuta and Aki Hakuta. It looks interesting and it also comes with great responsibility to became a elder siblings of any family.

Graduate from Harvard Business School

He studied in Sidwell Friends School which is located at D.C before he begin to pursue his higher education from Tecnologico de Monterrery which is located at Mexico.

Later, he joined Carnegie Mellon University and graduated from there with a Bachelor in Decision Science. He is also a Ivy League after he did Master Degree in Business Administration from Harvard University.


Being elder son of TV personality, he never choose a path in which his father walked, instead he started to enroll on various businesses and started to work on different fields, different companies which helped him a lot in his future businesses.

Justin first job was in a sales and marketing for Honest Tea, which is located in Bethesda, Maryland. After sometime working this company, he joined another beverage company Canada Dry.

He also worked as a Research Analyst for the Center for Court Innovation which is located in New York and he worked over here for two years.

Justin has a lots of experience on business field. He also co-founded Aviara and there he worked as a product leader. Where he used to manage a team of 10 engineers and designers and from there he launched various technology platforms.

He also worked with logistics company Cargomatic, and he had experienced as a product strategies and UX lead for DIRECTV.

Justin was also a vice president of young Alumni at Harvard Business School for about 3 years, where he was able to met different types of young businessman, actor and young successful persons who were graduated from Harvard business School.

He used to be a vice president of GoodRX, which is also a multi million companies which focuses on finding coupons on medical and online pharmacy line. Later, he left the company and started to fully focus on Ali Wong’s career helping her to organizing tours, selling merch and T-Shirts to fans.

By now, he has also started his own Yoga business named as a Yogastart to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle, this company has already collaborated with big organizations like Seventh Generation and Patagonia.

Justin and Ali met for the first time at wedding reception

Justin and Ali met for the first time in year 2010, when Ali Wong’s career was not even started but Justin was working on some organizations already.

Talking with NewYorker, Ali Wong stated the moment when she met John, where she told: “So I was like, Ali you got to make this guy believe that this body is secret garden.”

Justin fell in Wong’s love when he saw her one comedy show. In Baby Cobra, Ali revealed that she was impressed about Justin, knowing that he had attended Harvard Business School. This couple did not kiss until they did date for five times.

Justin’s parents made Wong sign a prenup before Justin and Wong got married

After this couple met at 2010, they finally decided to get married at 2014. But before they did a marriage ceremony, Wong was requested to signup a Prenup.

And on that time Wong was on her progression stage, so she was not famous and not successful as she is by now. While she was signing a prenup, Wong was not making as much as money her husband was making.

So, it make her feel little stress and fear, but signing a document she said that it helped a lot in her career.

By now this couple is blessed with two children named Mari Hakuta and Nikki Hakuta. Mari was named after Wong’s idol Mari Kondo. This family is travelling from places to places and countries to countries all in the time when Wong is on her tour.

Justin and Wong with difficult situations in life

This couples are really examples for todays couples, they never apart from each other at any cost even they had gone through a high debt and very difficult situation on their life.

They also use drugs to face difficult situations. Wong wrote one thing on her book where she said that they both travel Mexico to try a hallucinogen called Ayahuasca.

They also did drugs for second time when Wong suffered a miscarriage, and this time they use mushrooms.

Justin Hakuta Net Worth

This businessman is active on various sectors and his net worth is estimated to be around $1.2 Million. While, his wife is very successful on her career and her net worth is increasing day by day. By now it is estimated that her net worth is around $3 Million.

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