Who is The Bears QB, Justin Fields Girlfriend?

justin fields girlfriend

Justin Fields is a famous NCAA quarterback. He is the leading rusher for Ohio Stare University and was one of the best rookies in the 2019 season of the NCAA. He has won many games during his high school and is one of the best players from his state.

The football star started his football career in college and then his performance was acclaimed by critics as well. After their college career, Justin started to play for his home state and helped them win many titles. He has had a great relationship with other American Football stars as well.

Justin’s Early life and Upbringing

Justin’s full name is Justin Skyler Fields. He was born in the small town of Kennesaw in Georgia. His birth date is March 5, 1999. Justin was born to a family of policemen. His father is still a policeman and he loves his dear son very much. His mother’s name is Gina Tobey. The footballer became quite famous as a kid in the Kennesaw Harrison High School in Georgia. In the year 2017, he applied for the University of Georgia. After that, he promised to play for the Georgia Bulldogs. He played for the University of Georgia. He also promised to play for the Georgia Bulldogs under the head coach named Kirby Smart. Justin’s education was okay but he was held back in the eighth grade because of some academic reasons.

Who is Justin Field dating currently?

Justin Fields is single as of 2021. NCAA’s hottest prospect in 2019 is not in any relationship right now. He has not even used the word girlfriend in his interviews. He did describe what it was like to resign from Penn State after he promised to play for coach James Franklin. Justin might have had a breakup with his girlfriend though. We don’t much much more than that.

His dating life remains to be a secret mystery. He is quite introverted and doesn’t speak much about his significant other. Even his social media doesn’t show any aspect of his dating life. He does have quite a following on his Instagram though. He has a total of 735,000 followers on Instagram.

Justin Field’s Parents and their relationship


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Justin’s parents had a divorce when he was still very young. His father’s name is Ivant Fields whose nickname is Pablo. He was a star performer at the University of Eastern Kentucky. Ivant also worked for a police officer in Atlanta. He has remarried to a lawyer Jo Ann Claudrick Fields. His mother, Gina, also played an important role in her son’s career. In fact, Justin even received full support from his family members when he became a football player. In terms of siblings, Justin has a total of two younger sisters. Their names are Jaiden and Jessica. Jaiden is a softball player at the UGA and Jessica goes to high school.

How did Justin’s Career begin?

Justin’s career started at school actually. He was one of the best players at his school. He also led his team to several tournament victories. He made his professional debut in 2017 for the Georgia Bulldogs. His first game was against Austin and then he played the Tennessee football team.

He then transferred to Ohio State College and start to play football for their team. He even took part in the Top Ten Championship and did exceptionally well in the tournament. Justin was scouted by the Chicago Bears and so, Justin got signed to an NFL team for a mind-blowing contract of $18.8 million. Justin actually signed the deal this year. He got $11 million for signing with them and was registered to the team for 6 years.

How much is Justin Field Worth?

Justin Fields is quite rich as a person. His total net worth is around $21 million as of 2021. He is actually the highest-paid player in the NFL for the 2021 season. In just two short years, he has managed to become one of the highest-paid players in America. His net worth has increased significantly this year and has made him a young millionaire.

Justin actually averages around $600,000 per month in salary. This is just mind-blowing. His average annual income is $3.6 million. He also has so many revenue-generating streams. He does brand deals and other endorsements to get things done.

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