Who is Justin Chambers’ Wife, Keisha Chambers?

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American actor and model Justin Chambers is one of the well-known figures and his performance in the television series Grey’s Anatomy won the hearts of millions. Before acting, he used to advertise for Calvin Klein but after he decided to choose an acting career he moved to New York.

Many know the story of Justin Chambers but only a few people know about his wife Keisha Chambers, so in this piece of article, we will be looking into Justin’s wife Keisha’s life. We will try to uncover all the information and details we have on Keisha Chambers so stick with us and read the full article to find out everything we know about Justin Chambers’ wife Keisha Chambers.

Short Biography of Keisha Chambers


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Even if Keisha is the wife of the famous actor, not much is known about her personal life as she keeps her personal life very private. There was even a time when people didn’t know when her birthday was but few reports showed that Keisha was born in 1969 and on August 27, 2019, her daughter Kaila posted an image of her mother with the caption “Today is my mother’s birthday, I love my mom.” So we have come to the conclusion that Keisha Chambers was born on August 27, 1969.

It seems that there is also confusion on where she was born so different sources suggest different places but she was actually born in London, Ohio. There is no information about her parents or siblings, but what we do know is she belongs to a black race.

How Did Keisha and Justin Meet?

According to a few sources, when Justin was modeling for Calvin Klein Keisha used to work for a modeling agency or fashion house as a booker. The two of them met at a modeling agency and it seems that after marrying Justin Keisha has stopped working for the fashion house and it is also not revealed which fashion house or modeling agency did Keisha used to work.

Keisha and Justin got Married

After meeting for the first time they were both attracted towards each other and soon after that they started going out together and as per the reports, they were around 20-23 years old when they first met. After dating for some time they decided to take a step further in their relationship.

We don’t know the exact date of their marriage but in 1993 they were married and pronounced husband and wife. Of course, everyone faces challenges after marrying and they also had to face many challenges after their marriage but the good thing is their love for each other was big enough to handle all those challenges so those challenges did not affect their marriage, they are still together and we hope that they will be like this forever.

Justin is Lucky to Have Keisha with Him

As mentioned they first met when they were in their early 20s and after dating for a few years they decided to get married and even though Justin keeps his wife out of the media, in 2007 in an interview with Good House Keeping, Justin revealed that he feels glad and really lucky to have Keisha as his wife.

He said, “I’m thankful to be able to experience all of those ups and downs with her. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but I’m glad that I get to experience them with her. Being able to find a partner who will be with me for the entire journey is truly a blessing.”

In the same interview, he and Keisha did not plan to have many children but their family had more members suddenly after Keisha gave birth to twin children Maya and Kaila. Even though it was not planned they are all really happy with their family and that’s the only thing that matters, keeping and being happy with your family.

Keisha and Justin Have 5 Children

Every fan of Justin may know that he and Keisha are parents of five children. A year after their marriage in 1994, December 16, Keisha gave birth to their oldest child Isabella Chambers. When Isabella was three years old in 1997, June 4, Keisha again gave birth to their second and third twin child Maya and Kaila Chambers.

And a few years later in 1999, on March 31, they welcomed their fourth child Eva Chambers, and after a year and a half later she gave birth to their fifth child Jackson Chambers in 2002, January 2. They are a happy family and after moving from New York Justin and his family are now living in Los Angeles.

Is She Active on Social Media?

As mentioned Keisha is really private person so we don’t think and know if she is active on any social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but even if she is active, as she is a private person she might have locked her account.

On the other hand, her husband Justin has more than 2 million followers on his Instagram, and he also has a Twitter account with more than 500k followers but it seems that he is not active on Twitter anymore as his last post was on December 6, 2018.

Her daughter Kaila is also active on Instagram with more than 9k followers where she posts several pictures and she has put up a youtube link on her Instagram bio and the youtube video seems to be co-directed by her.

How Much Does Keisha Earn? (Her Net Worth)

As mentioned Keisha is a very private person who does not share anything about her personal life so we don’t even know what work she does, we are also not sure if she’s working or not so we don’t and can’t estimate how much she earns or how much her net worth is.

On the other hand, her husband Justin Chambers has worked in several movies and television series for more than twenty years now and he has earned a massive amount of money, and it is estimated that he has a total net worth of $15-$18 million.

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