Who Is Julia Robert’s Daughter Hazel Moder?

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Julia Roberts has been around the film industry for more than three decades. She is known for her critically acclaimed role as a young bride with diabetes in Steel Magnolias (1989). However, she gained international recognization only after starring in the 1990 romantic comedy ‘Pretty Women’ alongside Richard Gere.  Julia was even quintessentially dubbed as America’s Sweetheart following the success of ‘Pretty Women’.

Julia was undoubtedly one of the most desired women at the peak of her career. So, she has come into the constant spotlight of the media for her romantic entanglements. She is married to cameraman Daniel Moder. Together, they have welcomed three children and like many other celebrities, they also like to keep their personal life downright private.

Julia hardly shares any info or pic of her kids on Instagram or tweets. That’s because she wants her kids to have a normal life for the moment. However, the Hollywood actress looks like she is finally ready to introduce her only daughter, namely Hazel Moder, to the world. Her 17-year-old gorgeous daughter who grew up away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood has recently hit the red carpet at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival in France.

Since then many people are curious and are at the edge of their seats wanting to know more about our favorite celebs’ private life and about one of her children, Hazel Moder. So, let’s get to know more about her daughter as she came into the limelight quite recently.

Hazel Moder’s parents tried their best to keep her away from the limelight

Hazel Patricia Moder was born on 28th November 2004 in Los Angeles, California, alongside her twin brother Phinnaeus ‘Finn’ Walter Moder. It is also revealed that her mother Julia and her father Daniel had conceived them through IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). IVF was a blessing for them as both of them were trying desperately to get pregnant.

Later, the couple had announced that they were having twins; a boy and a girl, just nine weeks after the pregnancy. However, the fraternity raised eyebrows when she only revealed the sexes of her kids after 9 weeks even though her publicist was in complete denial about the fertility issues.

Moreover, the couple was also spotted while visiting a fertility center in Manhattan. The couple also conceived a third child named Henry just three years after they welcomed their twin children. Thus, the three siblings grew up together in their Malibu home in California. Just like many other celebrities, her parents also tried their best to keep their children away from the limelight.

Hazel has already shared the screen with her mother Julia Roberts

Hazel Moder with Siblings

As mentioned earlier, Hazel’s parents are trying their best to keep their children away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Julia has always believed that raising her kids in a normal environment was much more important to protect their family life and avoid any intrusion. However, we don’t know how Hazel’s childhood days are going on as she hasn’t made many public appearances.

At the present, Hazel is currently attending Our Lady of Mercy School in Los Angeles. There’s a high possibility that she might have developed an interest in acting as she is from a family of talented actors like her uncle Eric Roberts and cousin Emma Roberts. Hazel’s mother is aware that she might be interested in acting so she is open to the idea of enrolling Hazel in acting classes.

Surprisingly, Hazel has already shared the screen with her mother. She has appeared in one of the episodes of ‘VH1″ All Acess’ show ’20 Cutest Celebrity Babies’ along with her twin brother. Additionally, she was also featured in her mother’s 2016 romantic comedy ‘Mother’s Day as cartwheel kids along with her brothers.

Julia has special letters and a Heritage Collection saved for Hazel

During one interview Hazel’s mother Julia Roberts revealed that she has kept all of the love letters that she received from Hazel’s father. In that interview, she said that she has planned to give all of the love letters to her daughter someday. This is what she said while talking about these notes in the interview,

“I have a box that a friend gave me and it is painted on the inside where it says ‘Love letters to Julia from Danny’ where I have kept all my notes and letters that my husband has written to me over ten years. I’m grateful to give it to my daughter when she grows up. Great way to know your parents, I think.”

In April 2017, she did another interview with People Magazine where she disclosed that she has been saving up all her iconic red carpet dresses for her daughter Hazel in case she ever wants to have them. When the interviewer asked her about her dresses, and if she will be ever wearing them, she told,

”I have this little space in my house that my husband refers to as the heritage collection. Things I go, ‘I can’t get rid of [this], what about Hazel?”

Talking about her dresses, her dresses include a black and white Valentino gown that she wore during the Oscar ceremony. She even won the best actress for her performance in the 2000 biographical movie ‘Erin Brockvich’ at the Oscar ceremony.

Hazel made her red carpet debut at the Cannes Film Festival 2021

Hazel Moder with Daniel

Last year, Hazel made her red carpet debut at the Cannes Film Festival 2021 alongside her dad Daniel. Her parents had kept her outside of the spotlight for most of her early life. On 10th July 2021, Hazel appeared on the red carpet during the Cannes Film Festival in France.

She looked relaxed in a butterscotch yellow button-up lace dress and a pair of chunky black Mary Janes. Additionally, she topped off the simple look with a casual ponytail and she was present with her father at the festival to support Daniel’s new movie Flag Day.

Julia Roberts is letting her children live as independent beings rather than spoiling them

Many of you might have wished to have world-famous parents because there are lots of benefit to it. You will certainly have a different lifestyle than normal kids. However, Hazel’s parents took a much-grounded approach to raise their children, unlike some celebrity parents who let their children grow up with the same lifestyle as them.

Julia Robers is letting her children live as independent beings rather than spoiling them with all the wealth and facilities. During one interview, she mentioned that she is teaching her kids basic things like making their bed, doing laundry, and making one meal.

Additionally, she has always been upfront about the difficulties of raising her children in a more technologically enhanced world. She revealed that she is very careful about turning the TV on and has restrictions regarding how much her children are exposed to social media,

She has also revealed that she regularly talks to her kids and holds family meetings which have given Hazel and her siblings enough freedom to voice their opinion while there might be restrictions regarding the media. However, she doesn’t completely restrict her kids from getting the benefits of her own career despite wanting to give her kids normal childhood.

As we know, actors and actresses have to travel to various places due to their work, Roberts is also bound to travel to a lot of new places. But she doesn’t travel along as she mostly travels with her kids to these film locations. As a result, all of her kids have gained valuable experiences and are exposed to multiple cultures from a young age.

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