Who is Jonathan Scott’s Ex-wife Kelsy Ully?

kelsy ully

Jonathan Scott is a popular Canadian television personality, illusionist, construction contractor, television and film producer. He is famous for co-hosting a television series called Property Brothers but clearly, we are not here to talk about Jonathan in this piece.

Instead of Jonathan, we will be talking about his ex-wife Kelsy Ully. Kelsy and Jonathan were married back in July 2007 but only after three years, they decide to call it quits and went their separate ways. It has been many years since their divorce and fans are now curious as to what Kelsy is doing now and where she has been after all this time.

This piece will talk about Jonathan Scott’s ex-wife Kelsy, her career, her marriage and divorce with Jonathan, and a few other stuff connected to her.

Short Biography of Kelsy Ully

There is no information on when Kelsy was born as few sources say that she was born in 1988 whereas other says she was born in 1978 so we are not sure when she was born but we do know and we are certain that she was born in Calgary, Canada, not only born but she even grew up in Calgary.

As it has been a long time since she separated from Property Brothers star Jonathan, it is really hard to get any information about her. We don’t even know much about her family, the only thing we know about her family is that her mother’s name is Karen Stepenoff. Other than that there’s no information about her dad or any other family members.

Do we have her educational background? yes, we do, according to our trustworthy source, she went to Mount Royal University located in her hometown where she completed her BBA and after her graduation, she went to Las Vegas to study at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas for higher education.

She also has an applied project management certificate of Achievement from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology where she studied for a year from 2016 to 2017.

Her Career

Kelsy Ully with her friends

She has changed her jobs quite a few times so let’s just break it down so that it would be easier to understand. Kelsy was the executive assistant at Scott Real Estate from November 2005 to August 2010, and she was also a crew scheduler at WestJet, she worked at WestJet from May 2005 to December 2008.

Kelsy left her position as the executive assistant at Scott Real Estate in August 2010, after she worked as office manager and executive assistant at Auto Hail Pros, she worked there for around four years. While she was at Auto Hail Pros, she was also working at Too Zeros where she joined in 2011 as a software developer and business consultant, she worked there for two years.

She then joined Critical Control Energy Services Inc. in July 2014 and left in April 2015. After leaving Critical Control Energy Services Inc. she joined Cascade Process Controls as a business development representative and she left her job in May 2016.

Currently, she is in Impel Systems serving as the director of business operations according to her LinkedIn account. She joined Impel Systems in May 2016 and it has almost been 6 years since she joined the team.

How Much Does She Earn? (Her Net Worth)

As mentioned it has been really long time since her divorce from Jonathan and she has not revealed much about her which obviously includes her net worth so we don’t really know how much her net worth is and on top of that we don’t even know how much her income or salary is from her work.

So it’s really hard to even estimate her net worth but I too am a warrior without estimating her net worth I will not take a rest XD. So as mentioned above she has a lot of work experience from various companies and she has been working as the director of business operations at Impel Systems for more than 5 years now so It’s safe to say that she has a decent salary.

Now let’s talk about her divorce? you might be thinking that what does her divorce has to do with it right? if you are then let me remind you that Jeff Bezo‘s ex-wife MacKenzie Scott was listed as the 21st wealthiest woman in the world after her divorce as she received a whopping $38 billion in her settlement. So as Jonathan is a millionaire, Kelsy must have received a good amount from her settlement.

Now after calculating all this we can say that she must have an estimated net worth of at least $1 million.

Her Marriage and Divorce with Jonathan Scott

People Magazine has reported that Kelsy met Jonathan in early 2007 and after meeting they were immediately attracted to each other and started dating in no time.

It had just been a few months since they met for the first time but they already decided to get married on July 7, 2007, but their plan to get married only after a few months was a failure because only three years in 2010 after their marriage they decided to go their separate ways and in 2013 they finally got divorced.

Looking back at his failed marriage with Kelsy Jonathan told People Magazine in 2017, “We were young, and there was a rush going into it. She wanted to get married on 07/07/07 …so it wasn’t something that naturally happened.”

He even said that he learned a big lesson from his marriage with Kelsy. He said, “I think that one of the biggest things I learned is that you can have two good people who are just not good for each other.”

Why Did Their Divorce Take a Long Time?

According to our sources, Kelsy signed a court document concerning duress and harassment drafted by Scott’s mother, which prolonged their divorce. Furthermore, the contract also covered the sale of the couple’s house in Canada.

But it is also true that their divorce was not mutual. Jonathan noticed that his marriage is slowly dissolving, he noticed that his ex-wife had deleted all the pictures of him from her Facebook account and she even changed her relationship status from married to blank which really broke his heart.

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