Who is an Actor Jonathan Roumie?

Jonathan Roumie is an actor as well as a voice over artist who has spent a really long time in the Entertainment industry. He has done a lot of work in the mainstream media. Jonathan is not normally known but you might know all of his works though. Today, we are going to be covering all about him so, let us start.

Early Life of Jonathan

Jonathan was born in the year 1074. He is 46 years old as of the year 2021. He is an American and he spent his childhood with his parents. Speaking of which, we have no idea about his parents or where he went to school. But we do know that he grew up in New York. He had a pretty great childhood and lived a decent life before moving to Los Angeles where he started to live independently. After struggling for a while, he started to get roles of many films and this is how his career in the entertainment industry kicked off.

In terms of Ethnicity, Jonathan is a Caucasian, we don’t know much about his family history and ancestry though. One thing we do know is that he was born in America and his parents are American as well. Jonathan is pretty famous today for acting as a voice actor in different video games and he is also in high profile movies!

Career as an Actor

Jonathan has done many work over the years. He has made himself a go-to name for any voice over work and portraying complex characters. A lot of directors and writers want to cast him.

Jonathan is most famous today for his portrayal of Jesus Christ in the show named “The Chosen.” It is a crowdfunded project and it is quite a great show with multiple seasons. In addition to this, Jonathan has done other films such as “The Two Thieves” which tells the story of St. Faustina.

In addition, Jonathan has done multiple other shows and movies in his life as well. Recently, he won an award for ‘The Chosen.’ He was voted the ‘Most inspiring Performance’ in TV at the Movie Guide Awards. He also made his appearance in a TV series named Chicago Mad which made him a household name in addition to gaining Jonathan a lot of praise.

Lending his Voice to Video Games

One of the main reasons why Jonathan is so famous is for his voice acting work. He has been involved in pretty high profile video games and has lent his voice to many characters in video games.

The two main video games that use his voice are : Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima. Both games are PlayStation exclusives. Death Stranding is directed by the famous video game director Hideo Kojima whereas the studio named Sucker Punch made the game Ghost of Tsushima. Oh we forgot, Jonathan also gave his voice to Benz Studio’s survival horror zombie apocalypse game named Days Gone.

In death stranding, Jonathan did the voice of the MULES whereas in Ghost of Tsushima, he is listed as the voice of additional characters which means he basically did the voices of the NPCs that you meet in the game. How cool is that?

What is Jonathan’s Relationship status?

Jonathan is quite a private person so, we have no idea what his exact relationship status is right now. We think that he is single currently and he is just focused on making his career better.

Is Jonathan on Social Media?

Jonathan is quite active on all social medias. He is especially available on Instagram and he has gained a substantial fanbase in this platform. In total, Jonathan has around 100K followers on the platform. He leverages this following properly and makes money off of endorsements and brand deals.

How much is Jonathan Roumie worth?

As we mentioned, Jonathan is quite a famous actor so, his overall income is nice enough. He also does brand deals and promotions via his Instagram following and this earns him quite a good amount of money as well. In terms of his net worth, we think he is worth around $500K to a million dollars. He lives a pretty decent life, it’s not a life of luxury but since he makes a good living, he doesn’t have any financial problems.

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