Who is Jon Foster’s wife, Chelsea Tyler?

chelsea tyler with jon foster

Chelsea Tyler is famous for being the long-term girlfriend and wife of the musician Jon Foster. Jon is a musician as well as an actor from the United States of America. He is a member of the soul band ‘Kaneholler’, which he co-founded with Chelsea. She is a singer-songwriter from the United States who is also known for being the daughter of Steven Tyler. Who is Steven Tyler? Well, he is a four-time Grammy Award-winning lead singer of the American band named Aerosmith.

Chelsea’s Early Life in Marshfield

Chelsea Tyler was born as Chelsea Anna Tallarico on the 6th of March, all the way back in 1989. She was born in Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA. Her zodiac sign is Pisces and she will be 30 in the year 2020. Chelsea’s father is Steven Tyler and her mother is Teresa Barrick. Steven is very well known for being a singer-songwriter and her mother is an impressive fashion designer.

Chelsea’s parents got divorced in the year 2006 after marrying in Tulsa back in 1988. In terms of siblings, she has an older brother named Taj Tallarico. In addition, she has young half-sisters, both of whom are actresses. Chelsea comes from a mixed ethnic background. She is part Italian, German, Polish, and English.

Chelsea’s height is 5 feet 8inches and her bodyweight is around 58 kg. If we judge her measurements, it is 30-24-33. She also wears a bra size of 32C. In addition to all of this, Chelsea also has brown hair and brown eyes. Her shoe size is 8.5 in the US and her dress size is still very unknown.

Is Chelsea Tyler still Married?

Yes, Chelsea Tyler is still very much married. She is married to Jon Foster, who is her boyfriend turned husband. Jon is a well-known American actor as well as a musician. The couple was engaged in early 2014 and they married back on the 20th of June 2014 in California, USA.

The couple doesn’t have any children together as of yet. But despite that, they do have a very cute dog named Yeti. They enjoy spending their free time with Yeti and the couple is living happily together. There is no rumor of divorce as well as separation.

Chelsea Tyler’s Career

As we mentioned, Chelsea Tyler is an actress. Her first TV appearance came in the 2001 short drama documentary titled Aerosmith: Fly Away from Here. The year after that, Chelsea made her appearance in an episode of the American live-action scripted teen sitcom called Lizzie Mcquire.

In the year 2009, Chelsea performed along with her father Steven at the opening of the Thayer Academy Center. This is a center for Performing Arts located in Braintree, Massachusetts. It is a theatre and the two had a great time performing at this event

Chelsea is now quite a big deal in the entertainment industry. She has been in the industry for over a decade now and has appeared in a number of films and TV during this time.

Who is Chelsea Tyler’s dad Steven Tyler?

Steven Tyler was born Steven Victor Tallarico on the 26th of March, 1948.  He is professionally known as Steven Tyler. Steven is known for being an American singer, songwriter, actor as well as a musician. He is also a former TV personality. Steven is best known for being the lead singer of a Boston-based rock band Aerosmith.

In this band, Steven plays the harmonica, piano, and even percussion. He is also known for being the ‘Demon of Screaming’ because of his unusually high screams and quite a wide vocal range. In addition to this, he is known for his on-stage acrobatics. In the middle of his many performances, Tyler often dresses up in colorful outfits with his scarves that hang from the microphone stand.

What is the Net Worth of Chelsea Tyler?

Chelsea Tyler has become quite a big deal because of the sizable fortune that she got throughout her career. But her exact net worth, as well as salary, remains quite unknown right now. Her main source of income is acting. If the online sources are right, an average musician earns around 40K a year. Chelsea falls on a more upward bracket though.

She is also quite famous as a Social Media star. She does a lot of brand deals and promotional posts on Instagram from which she rakes in more than $300 dollars per day.

Her father, on the other hand, has an estimated net worth that is in the range of $130 million. He is a 4 time Grammy Award winner who is a singer, actor as well as former TV music competition judge.

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