Who Is Jon Bernthal’s Wife Erin Angle?

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Erin Angle is the wife of popular American Jon Bernthal and the niece of famous and professional American wrestler Kurt Angle. Bernthal is known for the popular series ‘The Walking Dead’ where he played the character of Shane Walsh. He is also pretty known for his role as Frank Castle in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series ‘The Punisher.’

Other than that, Erin is a certified nurse as well as an anesthesiologist. Jon and Erin have been together for more than a decade but still not many know about Erin. Let us explain to you who Jon’s wife Erin is and more interesting facts about her.

Erin is related to WWE superstar

As mentioned, Erin is the niece of famous wrestler Kurt Angle. She was born in 1977 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. Although her exact date of birth is not known, few sources have reported that she was born in February.

Her mother is Cindy Abbondanza Angle but Erin has not talked about her father much. However, we are sure that her father is one of the brothers of WWE superstar Kurt Angle, but why are we so sure you ask? well, it was confirmed WWE star himself when Jon was featured on The Kurt Angle Show.

Erin has five siblings, one brother, and four sisters. Her brother is Mark Angle, and her sisters are Cassidy, Jackie, Kristen, and Lea. As per the sources, Erin grew up in her hometown Pittsburgh with her mother and siblings and most probably with her father as well.

Erin Angle’s educational background

Erin is a student of Canon-McMillan high school and after her graduation, she enrolled at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, from where she holds a nursing degree which she got in 1998. After that in 2008, she also received a degree from the University of Southern California in MS anesthesiology.

After she got her MS anesthesiology degree, she went to work in various institutions including Stanford University Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harbour-UCLA Medical Center, and Georgetown University Hospital.

Jon and Erin first met at a bar in D.C.

It was around the late 1990s or early 2000s when Jon returned to D.C. after studying theater at Moscow Art Theatre. And as per the sources, the night he returned his friend gave him a welcome party at a bar nearby and it was when the Punisher actor saw one of his friends talking to two women.

He went there to tease his friend but he later explained, “I came over and was just rudely messing around, and I know this is the corniest thing in the world, but when I actually saw Erin, it was literally like angels were singing. I had never seen anyone so beautiful.”

He fell for Erin at the moment he saw her and they talked for about 45 minutes and soon started dating. At the time Erin was working at Georgetown University Hospital but after Jon moved to Bosten for his studies at Harvard, Erin moved with him and started working at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Later the couple moved to L.A. but things took turn for the worse as Erin dumped Jon because of his commitment to some dumb stuff.

Willie Nelson helped them reunite

Jon listened to the songs of Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings very much and when he was still trying to get Erin back, he bought two tickets to see Nelson perform in Fillmore. Jon slid in backstage once they reached the concert where he found a postcard so he wrote a letter to Nelson where he explained his situation.

He said that Erin is a nice girl with a golden heart and he requested Willie to play ‘Always on My Mind’ for them to which Nelson agreed, and finally the same night Erin and Jon got together.

Erin and Jon’s marriage

After they got together, in May of 2010 the couple got married in Potomac Maryland. A year after their marriage in August 2011, the couple welcomed their first child Henry Bernthal. Their son Henry was around two years when Erin gave birth to their second son Billy Bernthal in January of 2013.

Lastly, in February 2015, two years after Billy’s birth Erin and Jon welcomed their third child (daughter) Adeline Bernthal. They are a happy family of five who currently lives in Ojai, California, United States.

Erin’s daughter went into a coma

According to Jon, in 2018 their daughter Adeline had a seizure which was very unexpected, and right after she that she went into a coma. Certainly, they were broken by their daughter’s condition but Erin showed how tough and brave she was by handling the situation excellently.

The Walking Dead actor said, “People talk about bravery like fake macho bravery, but my wife didn’t flinch, what I saw in my wife was courage and beauty unlike I’d ever seen.” He even said that he had never seen his wife and thought his wife’s courageous.

So why did Adeline have a seizure? it is because she contracted encephalitis, a viral infection that results in brain inflammation. She was in a coma for three days but even when she woke up, she could not recognize her family. However, she is healthy now and made a full recovery.

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