Who is Johnny Knoxville’s Ex-wife, Melanie Lynn Clapp?

Melanie Lynn Clapp

Fan of Johnny Knoxville surely know about his wife Melanie Lynn Clapp as well, the couple were on married life for almost 12 years before they got divorced.

They also has one daughter but after divorce the couple still plan to remain on contact and co-parent their daughter. By now, Johnny is a remarried man and he also has another kid from his remarried life. But what about his ex-wife Melanie Lynn Clapp, today we are going to know about her personal life, professional and early life.

In this article, we will also cover if she has tied the knot with someone, and where is she by now as well.

Melanie Lynn Clapp is an American fashion designer and she was born in Texas, her ethnicity is white and nationality is American. But all of her fame is gained through being Johnny Knoxville ex-wife.

If she had never married to this guy than her name might never be heard by us as well. We got to know that she spent her early life with her parents and siblings, by now we don’t have any detail about her parents.

Melanie Lynn Clapp relationship with Johnny Knoxville

The couple exchange their marriage vows in May 15th, 1995 and their wedding took place in Elvis chapel based in Las Vegas, at that time their wedding was not so big and it was very cheap wedding inviting only some friends and families.

It has also heard that somewhere between 90s, Johnny was addicted to gambling and we also heard that he lost a lot of his money on gambling.

After their daughter was born Knoxville started to think a lot about his family and also quits some bad habits which can damager his daughter sister.

Melanie and Johnny has one daughter and she is a writer

Before getting married this couple dated for sometime and they also welcomed their first baby daughter Madison to the world. Their daughter Madison Tatiana Clapp was born in 1996, so by 2021 she is about 24 years old.

Their daughter Madison completed her school from Oakwood School and later she graduated from Oberlin College based in Ohio.

Melanie daughter Madison choose her career as a pen and she is a writer, by now we can find her as a creator and editor of Chickenbutt Magazine. The magazine publish on a paper format and it has price tag of $4.


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Even though her parents got divorced they managed to do a good care of her and there is a strong relationship bond among this family as well.

Melanie Lynn Clapp and Johnny Divorce in 2008

Being together for more than 12 years finally in 2008 this couple got divorced from their martial relationship. Johnny filed a divorce in June, 2007. As per investigations it was found that the couples were living separately since 2006.

Johnny also demanded to get her daughter to live with other as well.

It took about one year to get their divorce case finalized and it was success in March, 2008 and in the file it was also mention that he no need to pay Melanie for spousal support.

Melanie Lynn Clapp Net Worth

Being fashion designer and entrepreneur she is a successful lady who can survive on her own, Clapp has a steady and flowing income from her business as well.

But some sources also say that she has net worth of more than $1 million but as per our investigation the number can be way higher.

Real reason behind Divorce

Everybody was shocked when singer Jessica Simpson released a book Open Book. In the book, where she wrote al about her affair with Johnny. And in her book she also said that the affair was more emotional than physical.

And she also added on the book that when they were on affair both couple were to married to their own partners as well. On the book she wrote, “The relationship between us was not going to be physical since we were both married. My perspective was that emotional affairs were much worse than physical affairs.  That’s funny, because I had so heavily emphasized sex before marriage that I wasn’t able to enjoy it prior to marriage. The emotional response to sex was what I realized after we actually had it. I found that more of a betrayal to my marriage than sexual relations between Johnny and me.”

And she also added many things related to her feeling when they started to like each other. As soon as the book was released many fans of Knoxville started to think that if the real reason for this couple divorce can be due to Jessica.

What is Melanie Lynn Clapp doing now?

Nowadays, Melanie is busy on her personal life after her divorce with Johnny. While Johnny and Melanie was on a martial life she used to live in Los Angeles with her husband but after the divorce it has heard that she is living on her hometown Austin, Texas.

By now she is living on her antique house in Texas which she had purchased in 2007. We don’t know if she get some compensation from divorce or not but we know she is living lavish life.

And she is also busy on her life running her own designer company called Site Street Home. Her company focuses on interior design including bedding, wall color, decoration and rugs.

Her company is located on Lake Austin Boulevard, Austin, Texas.

She was former fashion designer before being Interior designer

Melanie moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream on fashion world where she met Johnny and started her family life over there. Before she met her ex-husband she was working as a clothing and jewelry designer and the companies where she worked were Urban Outfitters and Warner Bros. Retail.

But it looks like her interest was more on interior design than fashion, later she also changed her job from fashion design to interior design.

Her working experiences on many interior companies made her more skilled and she also acknowledged a lot from it which eventually, helped her a lot to start her own company.

Melanie’s Ex-Husband Johnny Married Again

We exactly don’t know if she is single or not but her husband Johnny is married man by now. After their divorce in 2008, Johnny married to film director Naomi Nelson in 2010.

By now Johnny is also a father of his two kids and their name is Rocko Akira Clapp who was born in 2010 and Arlo Clapp born in 2012. Knoxville elder daughter Madison has a great relationship with her half-siblings as well.


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We wish better for Melanie future and for her family as well. If you have anything you want to share than please comment it down below.

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