Who is John Denver’s Adopted Daughter, Anna Kate Denver?

Anna Kate Denver
John Denver’s children, Zachary, Anna Kate, Jesse Belle

Anna Kate Denver is a daughter of one of the greatest singer John Denver, and she has two siblings. Her older brother name is Zachary John Denver he was adopted son of John and his wife.

Anna father is a singer and we all know about him, John has woan many awards including Grammy and Emmy in his three decades of career.

Anna Kate full name is Anna Kate Deutschendorf and her father full name is Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. Being a daughter of one of the best selling artist Anna has maintain her life and has kept a low profile by staying away form the media and public eye.

Nowadays, John fans has been searching about his child and specially Anna who has never made any media and public appearances. Like her brother she is also adopted child of John.

In this article we are going to know about what Anna is doing now days? Is she married? and many things about her personal life in detail.

Anna Kate Denver Family

john denver with his daughter

Anna was born in 1976 and she was adopted by John and by his first wife, Annie Martell. We don’t have any information about her biological parents and it looks like Denver adopted her from some local adoption agency.

Anna ethnicity is Caucasian and her nationality is American. When Anna came on her home for first time, John and Annie was living in Aspen, Colorado. John and his wife Annie move to Colorado after this couple and his friends once went to rocky mountain area for camping trip/

So, rest of the Anna journey started from Colorado with her adopted brother Zachary, John and with his wife Annie. From various sources it has been heard that this couple specially John loved his kids more than any thing. Talking on an Interview, he said, “When I die, Zachary John and Anna Kate’s father, boy, that’s enough for me to be remembered by.”

Anna parents divorce

Annie and John was married on 1967 and their marriage place was in Minnesota. This was the start of John peak career time but he was not a big star at the time but the peak career time of his life was about to come.

But as soon as his career started to boom the relation between the couple was getting colder and colder every day and after filing for legal separation their marriage life was ended with divorce in 1982.

Talking on a documentary John was very commitment and there was time that John can give to his first wife Annie and he also added that they were too young to handle all this situation.

And their divorce was not so easy, it was also heard that John tried to kill Annie by chainsaw. He choked her and he also cut their bed in half by chainsaw.

After their divorce John started to date with Australian actress Cassandra Delaney and they also tied knot in 1988.

Anna has two siblings

As we already state Anna is not alone on her family and she has two siblings her brother name is Zachary John Denver who was born in 1974 and his sister name is Jesse Belle Deutschendorf, she was born May 1989.

Jesse is only biological daughter of John and she was born from the relation with his second wife, Cassandra.

All of them are very close to each other and they also has been spotted on events as well as on occasions together. We don’t have detail information about his brother but it has been heard that his brother is involved in politics and his party is United Party of America.

While her sister who is also youngest member of a family is involved in business like on jewelry design and on arts.

Anna has rarely made her public appearances whereas her brother and sister has been seen on many events but Anna is rare. She was only seen once when she attended John Denver’s Music Hall of Fame induction event which was happened on 2011 with her brother and sister.

Anna Kate Denver’s Father died in a plane crash

1997 was the very miserable year for Denver family because Anna father John was died on plane crash. It was happened when John crashed his home built plane in Monterey Bay, California and it was confirmed that accident happened when he failed to land his plane.

Like Anna her mother also rarely make public appearances, Annie has never seen on public from long time and there has been no any information about her private life as well.

But her mother is still alive and she was once seen on Norma Martell funeral. Norma was grandmother of Anna and mom of Annie.

Anna Kate Denver is Married: Who is her husband?

Anna is a married woman by now and she has been enjoying her peaceful life with her husband Jamie Hutter. Jamie is from New Zealand and there has been no any information available about how they met or where they met.

Anyway we know that this couple romance was started from USA and later moved to their own country New Zealand and they have been living together since.

Her husband Jamie is Private Equity Investor and also an Investment banker, he used to work as a CEO for PRIORI Skincare based in Wanaka.

He is also famous for his philanthropist work, who has raise a lots of money for the cause as well.

Anna has a daughter

Anna and Jamie has a daughter and we can also call her John Denver grand daughter as well. Her name is Daisy Eloise and she was born in 2011. Till now Anna and Zak has only welcomed their child and their youngest sibling Jesse is also about welcome their baby to the world.

How much is Anna Kate Denver’s net worth?

We don’t have any information about her private life in detail including her net worth as well but we are sure that John was one of the legend on music industry and made millions of money from his career.

It is sure that after his death Anna might has also received a good amount of money as inheritance.

When John was dead he left about more than $60 million, so all his property and money will be get transfer to his three kids equally making each member net worth about $20 million.

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